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Quote from: SpcCb on November 10, 2013, 12:00:06 AM
This problem is only in RAW video mode: In regular H264 mode (->.mov file) it works fine with last builds; I'v checked it yesterday.
So you should not have this problem since a long time.

The weird thing is... I'm sure I used a build where low FPS override in RAW video was working fine. It was this last summer, with a1ex' builds.
I'm currently checking all builds to find when it was back (take a looong time). Apparently, it's very old, good builds cannot be find anymore in the download page (or I don't see where) and it was before the magical Dual ISO arrived (hard to make a choice!). Maybe during the autoexec unification (?).

Yes SpcCb.  This has only ever shown up shooting FPS override RAW.  It works perfectly ( atleast for me) with h.264.
However, Raw is an extremely important feature for FPS override as it lends itself so much to landscapes and architectural shoots which so heavily rely on grading.

   I also thought it was working earlier but as it only appears to occur below 1.5fps I am tempted to now think that the few times I used it successfully must of incidentally been above the 1.5fps threshold. 

I'll have to check the cadence of the frame repeats.  I've mainly seen the same 1-2-1-3-4-1 as you SpcCb.  However, I seem to recall that I've seen different cadences with different settings in the past.

Is there an official bug reporting procedure with the RAW builds or is discussing it here on the forum actually functioning in that regard?  I just want to make sure that I do whatever testing, etc.  is most constructive and beneficial to helping the programmers/testers nail this bug.
First post (so don't flame me), but I've been shooting Raw with various builds since July with few problems except one.  I know it was supposedly fixed but I haven't gotten any of the the builds I've tried to do FPS override with anything less than 1.5 FPS.  I get the repeated frame issue that was supposedly dealt with awhile back.  I know "FPS override" may be a seldom used feature for many so I wanted to see if it was just me or if others can confirm that this is still not functioning.

Again, FPS still broke or just buggy with certain setups?



Edit:  Apparently this was my second post.  Maybe it is just me ;)
First post so please flame appropriately as needed.  I thought I'd try using a motion control rig for camera trigger for multipass VFX (both time-lapse and realtime )and wanted to see how close the still raw images and the raw video files would be in case they could be matched in AE or Nuke.  For the most part it works but I was curious about two things that I thought might be relevant to the forum.  The very center of the camera raw still and MLRaw image are a few pixels off.  I'm not doing the RAW zoom function but do you think this is related to the issue with the zoom offset? Otherwise, they should both roughly have the same center pixel.  Right?
Also, there is a very slight (but acceptable) color shift.  Would this be related to the raw2dn conversion or something in camera?  Maybe I should post that to the Raw workflow but thought I'd check here in case there might be an in-camera reason for the image to be different.