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1600x670 about 20 seconds / shot with the ExtremePro 85/mbs - and a new tip ;)
Using a hacked Kindle Fire HD with the 6D remote app (as a monitor)
here's one of the latest videos :

Another one :

1600x670 if i had the time to shoot more (if only) i got the 95mb/s sandisk - and it looks like 1280x720 @ 24 keeps going and going :) i'll post more when i'll have more ready .
Happy to hear you're gonna post a new video Noisy . This was the 1600x670 i was able to get about 5 seconds at the time with the Trancend card - i'll have the 95 Sandisk soon - so i'm hoping this would double

Quote from: asombrir on June 25, 2013, 11:06:09 PM
I do have premiere/after effects. I actually found this one article where they took all the images into photoshop and correct what you want then export as tiff, so I tried that first just because it seemed easy enough. I am going to try a more elaborate way next with premiere/ae.

AE-Premiere is the better way to go - you can take advantage of your CUDA's and render time on DPX is much lower then it would be in PS - for a 5 minute video in AE @t 1600x600 saving DPX took about 2 hours and 30 min - at 16G of ram.  :)
SD-Card (what NOT to buy)
Transcend 32 GB High Speed Class 10 UHS Flash Memory Card (32g)- after using the latest modules and autoexec ( the top frame count that i get on it recording what 1% was able to record without stopping (1280x720) is about 256 frames (10s) @t 31/mbs.

Maybe i'm doing something wrong (i hope not) - should i bite the bullet and grab a 95?  :-\
new video shot at 2624x928. was only able to get 14 frames before it stopped ( and again no tripod  :-X ). A little editing made it all a bit better (i hope) . i know i could have skipped frames but i was just interested to see how 14 frames - expanded would look like 

and here is the Vimeo link
Quote from: random on June 08, 2013, 02:40:07 AM
Yeah I can open them in AFX, no problem, but if I wanna edit my footage, in which format I'm supposed to export it to get it over to Premiere? To losless AVI "16bit" (that still uses 16.7mio of colours)?

And what do I export from Premiere then, DNxHD 10 bit?

I use DPX (sequence) it's about 5Megs per frame - it even gives me a warning in AE that the format may be too much for what i'm trying to save - and then all the NLEs use proxies so if you have a decent computer you're good to go. I would not recommend a laptop for this :)
1792x752 using a class 10 Trancend card - non UHS :( recording one second at the time - Editing RAW-DNG-DPX-H264 needless to say I almost filled a 32G card with the footage for this video - and the editing took more then 15 hours. But if you play this at 1080 i guess there's almost an unnoticeable difference with the "baby" RED Scarlet. A little birdie has told me that a major advertising company has made such a comparison in between a modded ML 5DM3 and a RED Epic , and from what i understand their conclusion was that the difference wile still there is unnoticeable. 
My first 6D raw test - 2.40 AR shot 1408x592 re-sized to 1728x720
I have been reading the forums for the past 2 weeks or so. I'd really like to thank the dedicated team of Developers , Moderators and users for the incredible communication and dedication to the art-form that brought us all together. I have been trying to spread the word as much as I can in regards to the latest RAW developments. Also have been testing the RAW performance on my 6D.  Thank you Noisyboy for a comprehensive installation guide. thank you 1% for your valuable input. And a1ex your coding is brilliant. I know that most of the team is in Europe, but if you end up in Michigan one day i'll buy you guys a beer or coffee  ;) 

I'll be glued to the forums , as they are more interesting then any TV series.