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3200x1143 @ 23.973fps on the 50D  :)
Almost got the vertical height regs figured out (not as simple as 5d2 unfortunately), still need to push the image down 52 pixels .
So , yea I can do at least 3200x1143 @ 24fps  :D
I do think I can push it to 3200x1330 @ 24fps , tried 3744x1143 , got to 22fps so 1300 should be doable at 24pfs if not a little more

Short out doors (my back yard) clip in my google drive , 3200x1143 @ 23.973fps
Exported with mlv app. , could have use some defringing in upper part of the tree branches near sky
but if I needed to defringe ,  I would just use Adobe A.E. with ACR , but still not a bad job.
The focus could have been better , it's just a quick test for increased vertical resolution

You asked for the original mlv file to see aliasing and moire in 2.6k crop mode...
her is the original mlv file to download
Thanks got it , Ok now I see it in the Blinds in the windows .
After carefully examining the file I found user/cam setting issue problems.
Your shutter setting is far too high (very short exposure time)

You have 1/362th second @ 24 degrees !
This well cause aliasing big time , you should have 1/48th second @ 180 degrees .

This the metadata from my camera set correctly , note shutter angle & aperture .

Please take this with a grain of salt , you need to understand better shutter angle & aperture
because they work hand in hand , you set the lens to f2.8 and reduce shutter angle to get a more in focus (1/362th)
where you should have closed down the aperture to let say f8 increase shutter angle ( 1/48th) = the same focus .
and if you have 1/362th shutter you didn't set the camera up right .
If you follow the instruction on the first post of this thread you should end up @ 1/48th when you enable the crop-rec 2.6k preset.
If not you did something wrong , and that's why you have aliasing problem .
To get these sizes I had to increase the rolling shutter from 25.6 to 30.6 ms (milliseconds)

To recap the set up: canon menu - NTSC , 1080p30 (29.97fps)
In magic lantern: set shutter to 1/60th second or as close to it as possible (1/63th is good)
enable crop_rec and go to 5xzoom & it should say 23.976fps & 1/48th shutter .
I label this as user/cam setting error.

Side note, with this and with 3k build, when formating card in camera, it delete ml from card
Yes I know about this it's a bug that's very low priority right now , well get addressed in do course.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 50D
« on: May 15, 2019, 08:28:15 AM »
Update for 50D user , I've being experimenting with adtg_gui module for crop_rec module in 3k/UHD resolutions
read the latest progress in 3K/UHD 5D2 Raw development and Other Digic IV Cams thread , below are the newest posts
So keep your 50D , it has some more unexpected life left in her  ;D

Looks like I found the horizontal limited @ 23.976fps

I can get about 7 seconds (177 frames) write speed needed is 115MB/s , I get 75-80MB/s .
But I'm really liken this APS-C small (22.3×14.9 mm 4752×3168 ) sensor image , very clean & sharp  :D

Some more samples images & h264 clip


Left hand side has a 200w incandescent light bulb - cam setting 100 ISO , 1/27th shutter, f8 24mm , crop factor 2.0 =48mm (Canon EF24-70mmf2.8L)
Has great dynamic range .


h264 clip,  7seconds

So after this test I think I should be able to get 3200x1300 @ 23.976fps being I'm at 3744x1080 right now .
I may look at getting another 50D ( they're dirt cheap) at this rate , if I can get CF card over clocking working. :)

Yes that's right cmos[5] does the vertical offset , tried to increase vertical to 1200 , got it close but can't find the right vertical offset 
have to do it by trial & error and that eat up battery time .

On a happier note , the 50D is a beast ! without trying too hard
I could get 3200x1080 @ 23.965fps (battery running low so I stopped , did have it close to 25fps at times)
Thinking I my get close to UHD(3840) or 3520 with the 50D , thou the vertical is a different story , but the future looks bright for the 50D
So don't sell your 50D yet it my be one of the best for crop_rec.

Here are some test images & H264 files



Got some interesting results from the 50D today with adtg_gui

4640x1078 M13-1935_00001.png
4640x1078 M13-1935_00000.dng
Short 11 second h264 clip

The only real differences I found was sensor pinning is done by CMOS[4] instead of CMOS[2] on 5D2

in 5x zoom default = 0x484 ,  to center the image to the right decrease the second valve (0x424)
I could have move the image a little more to the right in the 4640 test but I have only 1 battery so time is limited
and I wanted to get as much done as possible before battery dies .
So that's close to the maximum horizontal resolution of 4752

I did notice with the mlv's the write speed was 83MB/s , very nice more then 5d2 (75MB/s)
less overhead in the 50d . and with the faster sensor speed 28Mhz I think the 50D
will get a higher resolution then 5D2. But time will tell .

No a original dng & or a short mlv file , all  I see is bad h264 compression (blocky) & hi ISO noise 

ran a adtg_gui log in 1080 mode & 5x zoom mode on the 50d
Looks almost like the 5d2 exactly , just different cmos numbers
shouldn't be too hard to get this in the D4/5D2 crop_rec code .

10 it possible to deal with aliasing and moire problem?
show me please , upload a dng or short mlv file .
It can't happen in 5x zoom , because you are in true 1:1 pixel so there no pixel binding or line skipping .
If I open up the horizontal & vertical to the maximum (5632x3752) which is = to the full res cr2

I have canon "L" lens and I never seen aliasing and moire pattern in crop_rec ,
I use my EF 24-70 f2.8L at 24 in crop_mode and no issue .

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 50D
« on: May 12, 2019, 07:59:33 AM »
Just pick up a 50D used body from my canon camera store with 90 days warranty ($225 usd) , had to updated canon firm to 1.09v. from 1.03
only 21k shutter , looks like new  :) Tested magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit.2019Mar24.50D109 everything ok so far , 10,12bit works great.
Even made the card bootable with the ML"FIR" though canon menu .
Very nice raw video images .

I plan on porting the 3k/UHD crop_rec from the 5D2 to the 50D along with (hopefuly lossless compression & CF Card over clocking)
being the 50D is very close to 5D2 , but the sensor seem to run at 28Mhz instead of 24Mhz like the 5D2 .

 @a1ex yes, you're exactly right .

 Just pick up a cheap 50d body from my local camera store with 90 day warranty  :D
when I have time I want to build on @aprofiti early work & porting 3k/UHD crop_rec to 50d
Code: [Select]
Report : Canon EOS Digital INFO - v1.4 - CANON EDSDK v2.14
Camera Product Name : Canon EOS 50D
Serial Number : XXXXXXXXXXX
Firmware Version : 1.0.3
Shutter Counter : 21006
Battery Level : Battery Level : 80%
Camera Date/Time : Saturday, May 11, 2019 , 11:48:43 PM
Still need to be updated to firm 1.09v , only has 21k shutter activations
Very good shape , just like new almost , $300 cad ($225 usd) .

So I'm wondering now after all that did I waste my time getting this 50D ?
Is the drama over now , can I get back to work ?

FYI , I have always known that a1ex was going to make a generic crop_crop for all cams
but I couldn't wait that long , and this thread is the result of the effort .

Not to offend any body
Source has been there since Jan. 1 2019  If any one would have care to check .
But the main troller here never thought to check my bitbucket downloads , I was seeing how far he would go.

I have to question why I'm doing this , with all this grief I getting .
I have better thing to do with my time then this , (I do promise to finish crop_rec before I say goodbye to magic lantern)
And I'll say this one last time , every thing I've done (including code bits & agtd_gui stuff) is all in this thread
the problem is every one is too lazy to read a few pages .
I have also said that after I'm done the crop_rec for 5d2 that I would post the code for everything ,
though It may take me a few mouths  or more but that life , I'm in no rush to finish this .
I guess that the problem , after I spend the last 18 mouths figuring this all out every one want my knowledge NOW !
So this will be my last and only words on this . 

Like I said it dosn't work , I know about this and records garbage
Image !! There nothing here . Show me the H264 file with clean images
So this is BS plain simple .

about 3x crop mode in latest experimental builds, under crop_rec mode, there is 3 options, 1:1, 3.5k centered, and can not remember the third one.....Just choose the 1:1, and disbale the raw_rec.....

hope this help
What the heck are you talking about ?
Show me proof that this works on 5D2.

But also have problems... But they are of the camera i guess
1. Sometimes there are vertical lines and crazy temperature (WB) changing. There it is:

It disappears when I press set button for STOP rolling, and then, when i press REC it appears again.
So there are two ways to avoid it: 1. restart the camera
It happens not only when shooting raw, but I noticed that it took place when the color profile set to cinema style (downloaded from the Technicolor webpage if I remember right)
Thanks for feedback , which crop_rec built are you using ? there 3 different builds I have on my download page by the way .
Similar problem that  @ masc had , camera setting issue , Technicolor Cinestyle picture style has nothing to do with it ( I've had installed on my cam since 2012 & do all my tests with it)
It came to the shutter speed , I've tuned/locked the preset to be 180 degrees 1/48th second @ 23.976 fps , and any other setting mess up liveview
here the fix
I see in the video you have 1/38th shutter speed in crop_rec 2.6k & 1/50th in 3x3 (FHD) .
You Must set the cam to 1/60th (1/64th close enough) 29.97 fps in 3x3 (FHD) when crop_rec enabled it will change to 1/48th 23.976 fps automatically
If you change this you will have problems , as seen in your post.
Think of the 5d2 as a Manual 24p film camera
(there's a long answer , but I don't have the time right now , it has to do with the Headtimers 3 ,4 & sensor's 4 channel readout @ 24Mhz ) 
2. Zoom jumping out.
I had this problem since bought the camera. Already described it here. When I magnify to x5, it jumps out to x1 in most of the cases, so it's truly hard to enable crop rec module and start recording in it.
Guys, maybe you know why is it happening?
I believe it's the same as problem #1 see answer above ,
plus I'll add a remember here about cleaning up liveview problems with simply pressing the play button twice (2 times)
Once to view a image (h264 or Cr2) press button once more to exit in to 3x3 (FHD) then re-enter crop_rec
no need to restart the camera .
So to recap , shutter in crop_rec needs to be 1/48th seconds , No exception's period .
Set 3x3 FHD to 1/60th & in the canon menu set 1080p to 29.97 fps , if you want 24p in 3x3 just enabled "frame override" and set it 24 from 30 .
By side that why would you want to change shutter from 180 degrees @ 24p ?

What exactly was changed with the new build?

I'll test record a bunch a clips (20) and see if I can reproduce your odd black & white levels

@masc Ok I can't re-produce your problem , I recorded 13 clips(17.6GB) in a row with high & low contrast .
I recorded until It skipped a frame & stop , then I press record again & so on until I had 13 clips .
I was getting around 400 frames on average before it stopped .

Here are my setting for the test .

So at this point I'm going to say it's a cam setting issue e.g. shutter etc. ...
I'll center the image better & if I have time I'll fix the pinkish canon full color liveview .

I want to move on to finishing coding the other presets e.g. hi frame rate (48fps 3x3 FHD) & 4k anamorphic ,
plus I need to get back on CF card over clocking .

Updated the first page post with 2592x1200 test build link

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Mark II / 5D2
« on: April 16, 2019, 07:53:39 AM »
I don't use auto focus , but if I remember right auto focus only works before you record raw video no while recording (raw video that is) .

Note, that not every clip looks like that. In average maybe 2 of 3 are okay. One of 3 has wrong blacklevel and very strange behavoir .......
Here the frame as MLV, you can use MLVFS to get dng. It is not perfectly focused, it was just a quick test, when I got this. But I think it doesn't matter for your anaysis.

Thanks for the file ,
before I start to comment on this file , 
To All   :D  This is a big FYI
if ever liveview is messed up of not responding correctly (scrambled , lines or green cast)
You need to refresh liveview (this the cause of 99% of the crop_rec liveview issue reported here)
Press the PLAY Button twice (2 times , 1 to enter to play mode "view a file" 1 to exit)
this will bring you back to 3x3 (FHD) press 5x zoom to re-enter crop_rec.
the odd time you may have too repeat that process a couple a times .

Ok this file was kind of strange , all mlv->dng converters reported different things
It came down to having a corrupted frame , the only convertor that found it was mlvfs(quickmount) .
mlv producer , mlv_dump & mlv app didn't catch it , so this produce wrong white & black levels 118 1013
should be 112(black level) & 1023 (white level)


MLV_Dump 10bit

The other thing I found to be a problem the shutter speed , the file report 1/40th and with
the preset , I have tuned it to 1/48th if you start at 1/64th at 29.97fps in 3x3 (FHD) .
I did find if you don't use 1/48th shutter this has cause strange liveview behavior .

One other thing that will cause corruption is having overlays enabled while recording raw video
It's far too much load on the cam .

So I don't know your setting but this is what I commend people use to be issue free .
Full manual setting (Important! No Auto setting)
3x3 (FHD) 1/64th 29.97 fps (this will change to 23.976fps @ 1/48th in crop_rec)
ISO 100,200,400 (always refresh liveview after any ISO change)
Do not enabled frame per second  override !!
Do not enable overlays in mlv_rec (default is disabled while recording raw video)
SRM (memory fill rate) "0" seem to be the best on Lexar 1066x cards (optional , shouldn't cause corruption)
Liveview preview , grey scale (B/W) low res.

this part is kind of off topic but anyways .....
The other strange thing was mlv app exported a total pink dng frame ,.

the png frame export was good .
I used ver. 1.6 64bit on windows7 pro  , thou I could see the frame in the preview window fine in the app.
when adjusted the black & white level (112-1023) & unchecked the "don't use camera color matrix " tab it exported a pretty good looking png frame


@masc -- 2592x1200 , exported dng's from mlv app , mlv_dump & mlvfs(quick mount) on windows7 pro
all have identical black levels & look the same  no bad black level here , can't reproduce you're problematic  results .

No W/B adjustment or any adjustment at all , just pass though from mlv file.
shot at 200 ISO , f4.0 @ 24mm on 24-70mm f2.8L canon EF , w/b 5200k manual
on B/W (Grey Scale) ML Preview Liveview .

MLV App , no correction -- dng export uncompressed

MLV_Dump , 10bit dng export
with this
Code: [Select]
mlv_dump --dng --no-fixcp M10-2118.MLV

MLVFS (Quick Mount) 16bit dng export

Yes, you also see it in "real world" footage. But with the chart you see it more clearly. With ACR and MLVProducer the black is off too (here uncorrected in the pictures) and the moiree looks even worse:
Interesting , can upload a .mlv file with the problem & also a DNG please ?
The reason is I want to see the debayed image from you so I can compare on my system to see if I'm missing something .
Can you if you have time to take a short 2144x1074 .mlv in 10bit in normal 3xCrop_mode with out the crop_rec enabled , in fact can compare between 10, 12 & 14bit with the crop_rec .
Do you see black level problem in normal 3x3(FHD) 10,12,14bit ? same in normal 3x crop_mode (not crop_rec) 10,12,14bit , is it normal black levels ?

Also does 3008x1080 preset have ok black level on your system ?
Oh yea also you cam setting , preview mode , etc. ....

I'll do some more test here and compare
Edit:#2 by chance did you use "Calibrated Colors" ?
If so Don't !!! it screw up the all the raw levels big times , I never use it .

I don't fix the centering yet , what to see if that odd color thing was
Still there .

I don't have any issue with debaying , I do not see those problem your reporting.
To me it looks like lens color distortion/sharpness problem.
I use MLVFS ( quick mount ) plus After Effect or MLV Producer
I get correct clean black level every time .

Try it on real scene ( not charts) and see it you get the same result

Ok let give this new test crop_rec 2.6k_5d2_R_T_PreView_4-7-2019_crop_rec.rar a try .
I re-worked the preset a little more , reduced the raw horizontal resolution from 2632 to 2600 for a final of 2592 in mlv_rec (mod8) so same output as before
just different way of getting that same size & re-adjusted the raw preview Reg's . The horizontal raw preview reg was missed matched to the total raw width with the OB area .   

Worked best with grey scale preview ( still have a issue with full canon color) it's still realtime (buy the way) but in B/W .
I tested it at 800 ISO & 1/64th shutter speed at 29.97fps in 3x3 (FHD) when I entered in to crop_rec for 5x zoom
the shutter speed changed to 1/48th of second   ( that's by design  :D )

Also check it with the HDMI EVF , @ 480p & 1080i once again 480p work the best but the canon color is not right
I think there something in  mlv_rec preview code I need to check in to .

Let me know of any issue as before , I'm mainly want to know if that strange color/pattern show up , it shouldn't  but ......

Ok thanks for the results , it looks like the real time preview reg's are the issue .
I'll look in to this further , later tonight I'll post a non real time preview for 2600x1200
so it can be used until I fix the problem .

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