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If doing a ProRes work flow , You should be using Apple ProRes 4444XQ it's the only one that will keep the full range of color as it's a Full range Codec (0-255)
in either linear, (Rec709 , 16-235 & 0-255)  or 2020 color space . Ffmpeg ProRes is not as good , best you will get is 10bit 444 rec709 that will clip your colors .
I've have notice too with ffmpeg the file is not as clean as apple prores , I've compared them both .
If you are cutting prores files in FCPX , it will build all your proxy for you on import on the fly and by toggling off the proxies files your back to your Original files .
My 2 cents

and, one more question, please...

How to unstretch in post 4k squeezed footage?

Just run them thought MLV App , set the vertical stretch to 300% and export as Cdng (which will be at the native bit depth)
and then you will have the 1x3 tag in the dng and any program like Adobe After Effect & Balckmagic Resolve will read them
correctly without having to manually stretching even windows file explorer display the frame correctly (at least in Windows7 pro)
Info from Exiftool
Code: [Select]
Default Scale                   : 1 3
Default Crop Origin             : 0 0
Default Crop Size               : 4064 590
Exported from mlv app with 300% vertical , and you can see the tag "Default Scale" 1 3 (1x3) so any app that read Cdng or DNG's  will scale it correctly to 4064x1770
this how I work in Adobe After Effect , plus it keeps the 10bit raw frames @  2.86MB , where a 10bit 4096x1706 frame = 8.33MB

Code: [Select]
Default Scale                   : 1 1
Default Crop Origin             : 0 0
Default Crop Size               : 4064 590
This one was export with mlv app. without setting the 300% vertical stretch and you can see the "Default Scale" say 1 1 (1x1)
and this one will not be displayed the correct frame scale size , so all app will see it as 4064x590.

So you need to set the scale with all mlv file from "" with vertical squeeze files .

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon EOS R / RP
« on: Yesterday at 07:56:00 AM »
Warum so eine unfreundliche Antwort auf eine gute Frage?
Google say it's German -  the translation  "why such a rude answer to a good question"
not sue what there are referring to thou

Congratulations on your beautiful work!
Are you still getting a 5d3?  We need your breakthroughs too!
Thanks ,
I'm still looking for a good deal on a 5D3 , everyone wants too much $$$ for the cam's here in western Canada
I can get a EOS RP for the same price as a used 5D3 ($1500-1600) (The EOS R & RP have the greatest potential for ML with a 176MB/s SD card interface)
But at some point I do plan on getting one  , just not sure when it may be after I get a EOS RP but there again I may get the 5D3 first  :D

Yes there still a lot of stuff to discover on both D4/5 cameras and I would love nothing better then to fine tune the 5D3 .
After reading thought a1ex's code for 5D3 I see sooooo much more that this camera can do , we are just scratching the surface .

Dont know what doing wrong, with latest build (16 july)
Can enable only 2.7k
can not enable 4k anamorphic or 48p......i watched tutorial....but nothing...
thanks for help
You have to start in 3x crop (5x zoom) first , so liveview should say "2144x1074" default crop_mode
then enable 4k 3x1 preset next , refresh liveview again , stay there for a few second (record a few second it you like)
then go directly to FHD48p preset with out refreshing liveview , crop menu will say 48p & frame size of 4064x590 .
next press half shutter then the zoom button once , should now be in FHD 48p (1856x774)
Here a quick flow chart showing the process .


New test build , Increased vertical in FHD 48p preset from 688 to 774 , (1856x774  2:40 A.R. @ 48.028fps) write speed @ 10bit is 82MB/s so close to continuous  :)
I did reduces the rolling shutter in 48p from 29.7ms to 17.8ms  :D  Timer A has a lot of overhead in FHD I reduce the valve from 23B (default 1880) to 229 .
Still have 4k 3x1 & 2784x1160 1x1 , same as always check it out & let me know if 48p is centered correctly ( FYI , this the max height for FHD 48fps)

Edit: updated the First post/page with new test build

@Igor_Braun , I don't have time right now to investigate your camera's issue -- but it looks like a setting & corrupted images , I've seen this before (I think it was a card write issue)
I'll need to dig thought some of my past research to find info for you .

So, you tell that half screen canon preview is not correct?
That's right , it's a bug right now , It's down on my list of thing to do .
Wanted to ask, does it influent to crop_rec or raw module which kind of battery or card do you use? I use a battery grip and notice (or it just seems to me) that your build work different ways depending on which battery slot do I use, or use I an external power or not.

I Think there maybe a issue with your battery grip (dirty contact etc. ...) you seem to be the only one that's having issue with crop_rec .
Can you test without the battery grip ? Do you have a Canon Battery ? if so please test and see if you are still having these issue .
I also did a search on the forum for "battery grip" came back with over 100 results , and some did have issue with ML & battery grip .

And also by the way I killed another Lexar 32 1066x :) I don't know why. I changed the battery and the camera refused to turn on. No blinks, screen doesn't work.. i've changed the battery several times and got the massage: card not formatted. So I unable to format it from any devices. Just test report... :)

They do burn out from time to time  , FYI I don't restore my card in cam (Format in camera & replace ML build) unless there's a good reason too
I just delete the files or "move" them from the CF card to a local drive , I feel the more time you format CF card you reduce the life of the NAND chips (where the data is stored on the card)
There is only so many cycles (read/write function's) before it stops working .
A good description here how-does-flash-drive-work

Yesterday I shot same 48p in FHD (1856x688) and then slowed it down to 23.976 & 12 fps  Looks not bad even 12fps looks good , Workflow; extracted dng to the native 10bit -> Adobe After Effect CS6 cam setting; 48fps preset , ISO 400 , EF 24-70mm f2.8L @ f8 set to 61mm , shutter 1/91th of second . Notice that the cam temperature never when over 53° C. when in 48p preset .

Will that's not how it works guy's , basically  the preview buffer is not clearing it self from 3x3 non crop_rec .
In Crop_Rec the Canon Liveview should be Scrambled @ 10->14bit . This is a result of some of my hacks
in crop_rec where I had to remove a few checks & pauses to get the preset to work , When these hacks are reversed
the preview buffer should be back normal .

Here you go , how to enable 48p on 5D2 (Shot on my 50D) , to get close to correct shutter set to 1/41th in 3x3 then enable crop_rec ,
note on liveview it says 1/86th in 48p FHD when you check the dng it's 1/91th of second , so I'm not sure why there's a different between them but I believe the dng is correct here .

What the heck , no it's far easier then that , read the first post/page of the thread and I tell you how to very easily enable 48p
48p can be hard to enable , what I did was first put the cam in 1:1 (3x crop_mode)
enable 4k Anamorphic for a few second then switch to "FHD 48p" press the play but twice .
It will say in the left corner 1:1 but it's really 3x3 FHD , need to change that to say 3x3
I'll post a video later.

FYI about 48p & shutter speed , to get correct shutter speed for 48p you should be double
your frames rate e.g. 24fps = 1/48th , 48fps = 1/96th of second ideally so the best I can get is 1/91th of second
to get that I set shutter speed in 3x3 without crop_rec enabled to 1/41th or 1/40th of a second then enable FHD 48p
should be 1/91th of a second , this give very good motion blur for slow-mo shots down to 12fps

Updated the first post/page with new test build
what new; 48p in FHD (1856x688) should be able to increase vertically a little more to 800
Still have 4k 3x1 & 2784x1160 . Working on adding 4k (4096x1700) 1:1 half frame rate (12fps)
Got it to work with , write speed @ 10bit is 83MB/s very close to being continuous .
If you double the playback speed 12->24 (reduces overall time length to half 10 sec.-> 5 sec.)
You get a smooth play back (like a hyper timelapse but better) , just need to sit down and finish coding it .

- 3.5K is centered better, but not perfectly, -> little bit up more we need.
- I think Temperature is a little bit to fast to high.
- The vertical lines disappear with me after approx. 10 seconds
- can you implementat greyscale automatically in 4K its a little bit user-friendly
Thanks for the feed back ,
Ok , I'll look at 3.5k centered again , temperature wise as long as your under 68°c but 48p will heat up a bit I was seeing around 58°c but normally it's around 48-53 in 4k Anamoph.
About those lines , I had too disable a pause between cmos's 1 & 2 when being applied because the  statement (! is_5D2) wasn't always working but I'm working on a solution .
Until then just wait a few second before you recording . The greyscale preview should be automatic unless you are in auto mode preview , choose ml b/w/ greyscale for preview
but I'll look in to it at some point too .
What build comes next?
More likely this --> 4k (4096x1770) half framerate of 24p (12fps) in 1:1 (should be close at least 10fps I think)
Then this -- being back 3K (3008x1080 maybe with a little more res)
and this 1920x1080 @ 45p in 1:1(3x crop_mode) 
The last one will be 1x3 4k , as this need my full attention (adtg hooks need to fixed for d4 cams)
Then I can move on to Lossless .

Ok guys this is really off topic here , can you please talk about this on the many other raw video processing threads this is for development of crop_rec for D4 cameras . Clearly the problems are user errors/cam setup . Please learn your camera setting and what there are for , search the forum all your questions have already been answered many times .

New test build
Got 48p in 3x3 @ 1856x688 working (kind of) , should have been 1.67x vertical but adtg reg don't apply .
the whole adtg structure seem not to work with 5d2/d4 , I've look in to and the adtg hooks are different then crop_rec
so I'll have to try and use the adtg_gui hooks the way they are code in there . 
Also 2784x1160 should be centered vertically & horizontal now even when zooming in & out with a (zoom len), should stay in the center now .

Short test 9 second with the crop_rec in FHD 48p

To recap;
48p @ 1856x688 (3x3)
2784x1160 centered vertically & horizontally
3x1 4K @ 23.976p

Same as before , it may lockup , freeze , etc. ... you guy know the routine
Edit: 48p can be hard to enable , what I did was first put the cam in 1:1 (3x crop_mode)
enable 4k Anamorphic for a few second then switch to "FHD 48p" press the play but twice .
It will say in the left corner 1:1 but it's really 3x3 FHD , need to change that to say 3x3 .

No I don't see it

Will , I see no aliasing in the clip I downloaded but it is at least 2-3 stops underexposed (try to use ETTR technique)
I always use Adobe After Effects CS6 to process my MLV files , so I hardly ever come across aliasing issues .
What I find that help with aliasing is to use "Edge Defringe" in A.E.

here is the XMP file from adobe after effects to adjust the dng's M30-2057_000000.xmp
and here's the exported h264 mp4 file 4096x1784_h264-A.E._M30-2057.mp4
Not sure why you are using 12bit , 10bit should be enough
FYI: I use Technicolor's CineStyle Profile for my Liveview  to judge my exposure with & I always get very clean shadows .
It's never fail me yet !

@ Igor_Braun , don't think it's a ML issue , so you are saying even on the nightly builds or 5D2_10-12bit stable build you have that problems  ?
Do you have any customs or use any customs setting (e.g. C1 ,C2, etc. ...) other then Manual mode on the setting dial on the left hand side top of camera .
If problem persist maybe reset all camera setting  .
I don't have any of those issue , so I hard to figure where you problem is .

I don't know why but I get some heavy aliasing when shooting 4064x590...
I don't see the problem , quick export to h264
Yes there will be some aliasing (Very little) , but not nearly as bad as 3x3 (FHD) and in some cases you will see no issue at all .
It comes down to how to you process (color grade) you file .

Just a FYI; I don't mind downloading a test .mlv file up to 1GB ( I'm on a commercial connection 300 download 15 up)
But you can shorten them in MLV App by selecting the number of frames and save as a .mlv .

No you didn't refresh Liveview , I mentioned this many times before
turn off raw video "tab" exit to liveview , pan the cam around or just move it then let sit for a few seconds (10 or so)
re-enable raw video "tab" exit to Liveview all should be good now .

2784x1160 is not centered vertically yet , it on the lower half of the sensor so not in the center of the lens .
I've being  working on coding 48p in 3x3 (can of worms  :o) will not that bad a few bugs
I'll see if I can fix 1160p in the next few days  :)

@Igor_Braun  , I found the code to for Anamorphic preview (In tweaks.c) and it shouldn't be too big of a problem to add a 3x1 preview plus I'll add one for 1x3 also
Edit: That didn't work on 3x1, because there's a scrambled Canon liveview (I haven't figured out all the reg's for clean canon liveview in 3x3(FHD) with 3x1 4k .
But it will work with 1x3 .

This is as far as I got , the problem is the cam locks up when trying to save the lossless just need to figure that out and lossless works .
That the last step , I can create a lossless silent dng but can't save It , freezes the cam needs a battery pull.
I have a good idea what's the problem is but haven't had the time to test out my theory

You can start reading from here to see what's being going on

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