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Shot a short in 720/60p at 1400 res, decided to leave it unstretched since I actually liked the aesthetic of it

Conformed to 23.976 fps
It all depends on the job you are doing. Shooting RAW is amazing, but the workflow is a lot longer. If I'm shooting run and gun documentary style, then I will shoot h.264, but if I'm on set where everything is prepped, I will shoot raw, simply because I know what shots I will want to use
You are correct, I get about 12 min on a 64gb cf card
Quote from: wedding91 on May 25, 2013, 12:48:56 PM
Yeah seems like =/ i send the card back today...i hope i will get my money back.
Then I am going to try the komputerbay cards i guess...
Keeping my fingers crossed

Just picked up two 32gb 1000x lexar cards, running into the same problem as you with the May 22nd build. Writing speed is being clocked at 20mb/s. Switched over to the May 20th build, the same cards are being clocked at 82mb/s, could record 1920x1080p without skipped frames for 1191 frames (4gb limit?). Not sure what the problem is with the new build, highly doubt it's the card since it works smoothly with the previous build