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I'm sorry I'm late.

Here are two comparisons, with and without sharpening, set in the Adobe Raw Module. When used, the sharpening settings are circa 70 amount, 0.5 radius and 25 detail.

I've left our most of the CC to show a more neutral image and the results are much more different than I expected, to be honest. Keep in mind that the Canon zoom lens is extremely soft when wide open, which was the case of the first opening shot. Also the sharpening makes more evident the little native aliasing of the camera. Look for it in the car of the opening shot.

Here's a link to both full hd comparisons:
Where did you see skipped frames? There shouldn't be any.

Arrinkii, it's an 'ambulatorio', kind of a clinic.
Sure, I'll do that tomorrow.
Yeah, I know. It was an unsharp mask in the adobe raw settings. Something like 0,5 radius and around 80 in strength. I agree it feels too sharp in some of the close-ups.

The raw module with the 5DM3 camera provides really defined images that don't need much sharpening.

And thanks for the nice comment. I agree about the handheld work, it's very rough: the rig was very basic and the lens had no stabilization. Also, we didn't have a focus puller. It was more a learning practice for the people of the workshop than a real production.

We had two lenses: canon 24-70 and 70-200. We ended up not using the long one because of the unwanted vibrations.
He doesn't receive special treatment, it's just procedure, as the nurse explains. People through emergency skip the line. And I agree there's something off with the tone, but I haven't been able to fix it.
I'm very used to putting out work and am a much harsher critic to it than anyone else. I may have sounded harsh but I just was trying to point out that in most of the europen countries health care is perceived as a right more than a private service.

In that senese I don't take most of 5D3shooter's text as a criticism, really, but as an interesting cultural point of view. In Spain, until recently, health care was universal and free, and that change of paradigm is precisely the spinal cord of the story.

There are many other flaws to the film, one probably being that the Tio's character isn't too sympathetic. It wasn't meant to be: in his youth the man probably ate a dozen guys like this dude just for breakfast, but there's definitely something sinister about him.

It's really difficult to nail the tone in any film. Moreso when you're dealing with non actors, like the Tio and his niece, but I know it's no excuse.
That was funny. You're american, I guess.
Thanks a lot for watching. About the story I would love to hear more.
We shot it at 1920*818, with a minimal lighting package. The colors were gorgeous just from the start. For the final grading we used curves, adobe raw, and a mixture of LUTs.

Hope you enjoy it:

You can download the original 1920*818 file at the Vimeo link.

PS: if you experience milky blacks at the vimeo link, you can catch it as well on youtube:
Here's a teaser for the short film.

We're premiering it online next monday:

I don't know why but blacks are milky on Vimeo. The Youtube version is better:
It's a mixture of Hunter's LUT, Filmconvert and Osiris Luts.
New clip here. Just playing with LUT's:
Share Your Videos / Re: 5D Mark III on Vimeo
October 07, 2013, 12:51:42 PM
Thanks a lot.

I shot it with a minimal rig so the kids didn't feel intimidated. I used a Canon 24-70 2.8 lens, mostly wide open which lends a very nice creaminess to the image.

IMO it's also very interesting and a testament of the quality of the hack how well the corridor behind the kids holds highlight detail, since it received direct sunlight.
Share Your Videos / Re: 5D Mark III on Vimeo
October 04, 2013, 11:08:03 AM
Lol, what a nice comment.

Well, you don't have to be a genius to understand the reason behind the password protection. Hint: it has nothing to do with the quality of the video.
Share Your Videos / 5D Mark III on Vimeo
October 04, 2013, 10:47:36 AM
The clip is password protected and will be available for some days only. I'ts a very good showcase of the quality of the camera and the hack:

Password: FORUM
Here's a slightly longer clip:
Password: ELTIO
Thanks a lot. It's amazing what the extra detail does to skins. I'm loving it.

The short film is titled 'El tío', and will be posted online around the end of the month.
Share Your Videos / Short clip of footage for a short film
September 09, 2013, 11:42:09 PM

You can download the HD MP4 in the Vimeo link.

I want to release it online in september.
Here's another test, this time at 1920*1280. You can download the original full res h264 at the Vimeo link.

You can now download the original file.
Share Your Videos / Quick 5D MarkIII ML RAW test.
June 29, 2013, 02:47:16 AM
Focus on skin tones, trying to emulate an Alexa.

Works like a charm for me. Congrats!

EDIT: I can edit fine with it in Premiere, but with After Effects I'm seeing that the DNG's hold a bit more highlight info. If I lower the exposure with camera raw in the DNG's I get more detail in seeemingly blown up highlights than with the exposure tool in combination with highlight recovery in the tonemapping (basic) effect with the RAW file.

Here's a pic:

Is that so? Can it be avoided?

Other than that I really miss the lens correction tools for deformation, vignetting and aberration of ACR.

The Ginger HDR tool remains very useful for avoiding editing with proxies with premiere, but I don't know if I would color correct from them.
Here's an example of the half pink video I was talking about:
I'm getting problems with two shots out of maybe 80 I have. The whole shot is split in two: one half normal and the other with image mirrored and tinted pink. I'm using the build of june the 17th and throwing the RAW file directly on raw2dng.