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I used lightroom 4 to process my raw DNGs for my test shoot and I didn't see any inconsistent highlight treatment. I used exposure, highlight/shadow recovery in nearly every shot. I did not use the tone curve for any of my shots though, so I'm not sure if that is consistent.

I would have preferred to be able to use Lightroom 4 processing raw. Too bad that batch processing show inconsistent results. For instance when getting highligts back whites treats differently on different frames. This is not a problem in adobe camera raw. Personally I believe the raw engine has gotten worse in lightroom 4 compared to version 3. Lightroom 3 is also inconsistent but not as much.
For now I work with fast conversion to ProRes422HQ via AE, using either the PS camera raw engine or directly in AE. It,s only one or two steps away after the files are converted. Made a workflow tutorial about this, easy to follow.



Hi all,

First, many thanks to the team and all the work they've done so far. Keep it up! The quality afforded by RAW capture is simply stunning. Let me know what you think of my quick sunset shoot I did this evening. As always, be sure to download the original to see the full detail.

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