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Post-processing Workflow / Re: 5D2 Quicktime 7 problem
« on: July 03, 2015, 03:33:55 PM »
Hi Anthony,

Thanks for using my guide. It's a little outdated by now, but it still works. There are simpler workflows using the rawmagic app ( and Adobe premiere. Also the newest version of Premiere gives you great options for color grading.

Your problem seems to be Quicktime. It changes the video gamma levels. This is a common problem with QT7 that I have not found a solution for. Better use Premiere's integrated exporter then.

Hope it helps

In reply to your PM:
Yes the app still crashes randomly and the pointer is still not there in version 1.2.2 on my iMac 13,2 3.2GHZ with GTX 680MX

Also the "log" doesn't look right. It's all pink and too bright. It has to be changed to represent something like the BMCC's log which is more accurate for color correction and appropriate for this kind of sensor.
Also if you continue work on this app please make text when mouseovering over the symbols so people can learn what they mean.

Thanks for your work. I put a link in our guide: LINK

Hi everyone,

I'm the one who wrote the article and I see it's not being liked very much around here.
We've been promoting shooting RAW on the 5D a lot and we've followed the development closely, as much as a non-developer can. But after working with it several times I felt there were some things that people should know up front and since we're working with numerous new cameras I think we do have an objective view on the tools around.

I just wanted to clear some assumptions. No I didn't jump into ml raw without research. Otherwise I couldn't have written the guides for our readers a year ago.
And I mentioned that I needed to load the footage into the editing software, so I could see how it matches the last one, so there was no way around transcoding at least some frames.

My article was not about proving something, or describing a workflow, but about sharing what I know. Maybe it didn't go into enough detail.

Concerning the MlRAWviewer, you wanted to know the bugs:
I used it several times and it crashed 50% of the time, I didn't have a cursor 90% of the time and the colours were mostly overblown, which I'm sure there is a button for to solve, but overall it just felt very buggy and in Alpha stage, so after more and more crashes I left it and decided to look at it again in the future after more development. I wasn't aware the bugs were not known. I'm sure it will all be resolved and I will definitely check back and update our articles with the new development as I always do.

Well, I leave you to continue criticise my article then.

VEry nice! I think it,s the gamma curve who gives a pretty hard contrast. It,s pretty simple to get it back in post as it,s ton of information in the ProRes444. An added alternative creating proxies could be nice for fast viewing and editing.
Thanks for all the develompment. Really good stuff

As I mentioned the information can't be gotten back. 3 stops underexposed is a pretty intense loss of quality. This seems like an error of the software.

Hm, nice idea, but the ProRes files I get are quite unusable. Correctly exposed RAW files turn into 3 stops underexposed .mov's that don't seem to have the color information needed to get them back up, results in extreme overall noise.

Also I'm not sure the automatic WB is needed since it should have been set correctly in camera, right? Only Green/Magenta Shift should be set to 0.


Yes I were to download it but they asked registration. :)

Thanks for the explanation. Regarding Resolve registration simply input anything into the fields and you'll be able to download immediately. You don't have to actually register.


Hi scarx,

Thanks so much for the lightning fast development of an easy to use app that now seems very solid!

One thing though: You write Known Issues: None, but there's still that thing with the dng's not being cinemaDNG's. I just wanted to make sure you guys are aware of the importance of this part about the files being less easy to handle that way. Being able to import them into Resolve would make a huge difference for many as it would not only improve and enhance the workflow, but also make it a more professional solution in terms of consistency and file generations/handling.
Or is the issue somewhere else?
Thanks anyway for providing this great solution so far.

General Development / Re: uncompressed 14-bit RAW video recording
« on: May 17, 2013, 02:21:19 PM »
The 25p version of the RAW module works flawlessy with our 128GB (!) Kompterbay cards in 1080p! ARTICLE LINK.

We just recorded a 4,23GB clip without any frame drop. The compile we used came from this post earlier in this thread. If only we could convert the large RAW files to dng's with that Mac app...  :-*

We also updated our step-by-step guide. Looking forward to more amazingness coming from this development here. Thanks to everyone involved.

Hey guys,

We're happy we've got a working 25p mode. LINK
Only we would really like to convert larger files. The raw2dng app for Mac seems to be unable to work with the larger files. Is there any fix for that in sight? Thanks a lot for your efforts!

Here's the simplest post workflow in OSX we found around here, and we think it's most easy after going through hell two days ago:

Thanks for your work here. Will try Lightroom tomorrow.

General Development / Re: uncompressed 14-bit RAW video recording
« on: May 17, 2013, 01:53:58 AM »
You may want to avoid recommending the 128GB version of the KomputerBay CF card. Evidence is building that the 128 version had slower real world write speeds than the 64.

Hey there. We're using 2 Komputerbay 128GB cards and they're both holding up great, we never get dropped frames except for the first recording after formatting usually and we shot lots and lots of things already, on both cards. We also tried the higher resolutions, but the firmware limits it to not much more than 1080p.

Here's the simplest post workflow in OSX we found around here, and we think it's most easy after going through hell two days ago:

After that we tried to do some nightshots but unfortunately we couldn't manage to get the shutter locked. If there is any info you can give us, or if that is a feature not yet enabled please let us know.
Specifically since we're in Europe we need a 1/50th shutter, but the system keeps jumping back to 1/46th no matter what we do/change/select/lock in the menu. Thanks for any hints.

Also 25p would be tremendous. We had a discussion today about wether the Europeans would be taken care of. We've had very bad experience there with the manufacturers in the past  :-X.

Keep up the amazing work, you guys are building something thats exciting for all movieshooters :)

General Development / Re: uncompressed 14-bit RAW video recording
« on: May 14, 2013, 04:21:58 PM »
We've got our first video up and will post the BMCC comparison later:

Article to the video:

As posted in the other article we put together a small GUIDE covering the basic steps to get the 5D recording RAW:
Please give us feedback if anything in there is wrong or easier to achieve or outdated and we will update the guide.

Also we would like to let you know that the DNG format is extremely unwelcome to non-photographers. If there is any way to get cinemaDNG files instead, that would be very helpful to many.
But hey, it's amazing to be at this point here, so we will all be patient for this to evolve.

Thanks and good light!

Raw Video / Re: RAW Video Module raw_rec [Compiling/Installation]
« on: May 14, 2013, 02:21:12 PM »
Guys, this is AMAZING work, truly.
Thanks so much for putting this together for everyone involved, it's revolutionary for the film world.

At cinema5D we put together a small GUIDE covering the basic steps to get the 5D recording RAW:
Please give us feedback if anything in there is wrong or easier to achieve and we will update the guide.

Thanks and good light!

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