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Quote from: a1ex on October 13, 2012, 08:16:14 PM
Tomorrow, my 5Dc will go to its rightful owner, so... probably it's time to post a beta 4.

It was compiled from the same code base used for 7D alpha 1, it feels quite solid on my 5Dc (although I didn't shoot anything serious with it, just ran built-in stability tests that simulate random button presses), and it basically contains all the features I could port without significant reverse engineering efforts.

For more stuff (e.g. bulb exposures, trap focus or shutter count), one should dig deep inside the firmware. None of the tools from my current arsenal was able to find those, so it's probably hard - probably as hard as the 7D port :)

Auto ISO needs to be implemented from scratch or ported from 400plus. For me, the only auto exposure that I consider good enough is the one that exposes to the right. And from what I know, this is not possible to get with current hardware outside LiveView - not even on 5D3. If you disagree, just tell me how ;)

That's it - the 5Dc was quite fun to analyze, lots of internals are simpler and can be understood, but... it has some severe limitations. ML code is open, there are both free and paid reverse engineering tools, anyone can look inside and continue to experiment, there are firmware addons for 350D and 400D from where you can learn and borrow features... you only need time, skills and the desire to innovate.

I hope this update will effectively turn your 5Dc into a new camera (well... without LiveView).


I have a idea. if it is possibe in 5Dc, So Great!

Semi Auto ISO( in Manual Mode)

1. User set ML Semi Auto ISO in Manual Mode.
2. User push Half shutter Button.
3. ML reads Over or Under exposure information( +2Ev, -1/3Ev, Etc).
4. If User don't push and release the button , ML set compensation ISO Value for Over or Under Exposure Info.
5. User push Half shutter Button, then User confirm a exposure information throuth the window.
6. If User push the Button, ML keeps present ISO Value.
7. If User don't push the Button, Again 2.~

Thank you for present(ML)!
I need a Auto ISO in M mode.
I hope to see Auto ISO in next version. please..
Good for you!