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Raw Video / Re: 550D raw video recording port official thread
« on: May 24, 2013, 12:03:11 PM »
sandisk extreme 45mb/s
960x540 18 fps no skip frames
this is max for 550d?

Raw Video / Re: 550D raw video recording port official thread
« on: May 24, 2013, 05:07:55 AM »
I can share my bin with you to have fun with, but I feel it might be best to wait for a Dev to give the ok since ML is there code, they will know if it is safe for testing in cameras with all the things I had to disable in all_features to get the memory to load the raw_rec module.

But it is running stable with no crashing, just can't have all the other cool ML features enabled for now till someone finds a way to get more memory for the 550D to have all loaded at once. Maybe for now we can just keep 2 bins ready to go and switch back and forth till we get the memory for al features at once.
tnx i will wait

Raw Video / Re: 550D raw video recording port official thread
« on: May 24, 2013, 04:35:33 AM »
I successfully captured a raw video on the 550D, I had to go into /src/all_features.h and disable many features to get enough memory for it to allow live mode plus the Rec module, but at least it seems to work. So far I was only able to capture 720x406x23.976fps without a skipped frame though. But it does work for sure, I extracted the DNG files from the RAW file it made and these look fine so far, more tests needed for other resolutions though, just thought I would update anyone interested.

And I know its only a temp fix because obviously we need our other features turned on, like 1% said, we need memory from the correct places I guess for it.

I feel better though just seeing it work on this cam!
How to install modules? no menu "M"

Just mean the latest changeset, sorry, the one where alex posted all the ETTL stuff.

See, loads module fine, but cant turn on live view or it crashes, and it does show up in other menu once loaded.

Please tell me where you download the ML where you can install the modules.
You got 24p on 550d?

Modules Development / Re: 14bit RAW DNG silent pics!
« on: May 10, 2013, 05:08:59 PM »

I think we now should find some good frame blending solution. I was testing LV_rec feature with different framerates (FPS override) on 6D (with sandisk extreme 64GB 45mbit/s)

LV_rec (single file, raw recording 1820x720p)
15 fps - 517 frames ~22 sec of movie at 24 fps

you can put in the Internet? 15 fps - 517 frames ~ 22 sec of movie at 24 fps

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