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I can confirm this is real. Just happen to mine. Went to beach and shot in camera video only (not raw). Came back today and it is exactly what the OP describes.

Even worse, in Review Display, something is wrong with the screen. However not in Menu Display
Is it me or Power Saving is missing in this built ?
 I am trying to understand FPSOverride better. I am newly introduced to this feature..

By recording 3FPS @ 24FPS playback, is the interval = 3 seconds each frame ? And you need 8 frames to get 1 second playback @ 24FPS ?

2FPS @ 24FPS playback, interval = 2s each frame, 12 frames (24s) to get 1 second playback @ 24FPS
1FPS @ 24FPS playback, interval = 1s each frame, 24 frames (24s) to get 1 second playback @ 24FPS
0.5FPS @ 24FPS playback, interval = 2s each complete frame ? (?) to get 1 second playback @ 24FPS
0.25FPS @ 24FPS playback, interval = 4s each complete frame ? (?) to get 1 second playback @ 24FPS
0.20FPS @ 24FPS playback, interval = 5s each complete frame ? (?) to get 1 second playback @ 24FPS

Correct me if I am wrong and I am very open to learn more about this.
Quote from: scrax on May 08, 2013, 06:02:08 AM
what if you set 192 sec to have 24 real?

That's correct. I am trying to understand FPSOverride better. I am newly introduced to this feature.. I will post another help thread in the right subforum.
Quote from: wolf on May 07, 2013, 11:07:59 PM
@title Let's record!
@param n seconds
@range n 1 600

Picoc won't be very precise.
Script not tested.

Works flawlessly in normal recording mate. I can't thank you enough :). I will test out with FPSOverride.

edit: I struggle to do the math for FPSOverride, I was testing 3FPS running the script for 24s, resulted in 3s of recording o.o
Hi guys,
I am a bit behind on writing script so I'm seeking help. Can anyone help me write a script where I can record a clip precisely for certain amount of time. Like segments of 1s, or 2s, or 5s, or 15s, or 30s, or a minute, or 10 minutes. The reason I want this feature is because I want to try if I can make a hyperlapse via FPSOverride.
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
Quote from: nanomad on May 06, 2013, 10:00:30 AM
It's already available but alex disabled it since it can be done with scripts instead (which are not available on the 650D yet).

What's the official name for this function Nomad ? I was digging the script api with no luck.
Quote from: kazeone on May 06, 2013, 05:31:51 AM
are you saying to want to be able to make time lapse movies and skip the process of taking a shit ton of photos and merging them and turning those photos into a video and just have the camera film it with pauses instead?

I can do that with FPSOveride, what I am saying is to make a hyperlapse using FPSOveride. I want precise segments of "timelapse using FPSOveride". So like two-secs segment every 3 inches. Of course I can count via the time indicator, but it's not precise. I hope that make sense.
Quote from: MarlonSenanayake on May 06, 2013, 04:17:37 AM
go to movie tweaks. in time indicator select elapsed

A timer, not a time indicator. I want to make precise segments of 1s/2s/3s/etc.
Is it possible to have a feature where you set a timer for recording ? I was thinking if that's possible, I "maybe" be able to do hyperlapse with just FPS override. I would like to hear opinions :)
Quote from: donjames150 on May 05, 2013, 08:03:04 PM
FPS over-ride does appear to be working

It works but it crashes often :/

Nomad, if crash logs are useful then I can submit to you. Just let me know if I can do anything to help :).
I figured FPSOveride is not really functional right now right guys ?
For those still struggling to enable boot flag. Here is how I got it working:
Downloaded the fir file (650D-safe-dumper)
Downloaded the 650D Alpha 2 file
Downloaded the program to make the SD card bootable. (EOScard)

Format SD card (Low Level in Camera)
Copy fir file onto SD Card
Update firmware in camera
Remove SD card
Copy ML Alpha2 650D onto SD Card
Put SD Card back in
Install ML Alpha 2 650D (Update firmware in camera)
Remove SD Card
Make the SD bootable (using the program EOScard, Tick first two boxes, Press Save, Refresh)
Put SD Card back in