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is there a way to show the overlay (especially focus peak) in play mode? It was possible sometime ago, don't know how to do it now.
This is somewhat off-topic, but probably someone has the answer:

The firmware update can be completed by just copying the .fir to an sd-card and user the camera function "update firmware", right? Because the canon site to the update says it's available only for WIndows and Mac, do i need the EOS Tool for that?

Thanks nanomad, works now for me. Will be testing that. :)
Ah, sorry, i misunderstood. Low level format on the cam, right? What would be the risk, if i can't check the bootflag with the eoscard tool?

Man, misunderstood again. (Bad day, apparently). I thought eoscard is only to check, if the flags are correct. Looking for a way to make the card bootable with linux. Any hints?
Thanks for the fast answer. Will try it now. *happy*

I see the EOSCard tool is only available for WIn and Mac, ist there any way to low level format the card with linux?
Just to be sure, if i "install" ML, but then use an SD-Card without ML on it, the camera does boot the normal firmware, right?