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It might be buried in the 59 pages.... but can anyone tell me, why frames exported with MiRawviewer to DNG is 1.3mb pr. frame and rawmagic is 4mb pr. frame?

MlRawViewer supports the "lossless compressed" mode of the DNG spec, which makes the files smaller without losing any information.

Would it help if you had donations towards your software as support instead?

Sorry, but no.

I'd be a glad tester on my kit. Mac & PC, canon 5D mk3. D

Thanks for the offer.

To be clear, my problem has not been due to lack of people ready to try out the builds I have made.

My problem has been lack of any other people willing to try and make their own builds for Mac or Win directly from the latest source stored in git on bitbucket. In my ideal world, the responsibility for making, testing, releasing and debugging the Mac and Win builds should be with people who use those platforms as their main system for real world video processing and hence can give it a thorough and realistic test before each release. I primarily use Linux, and I mainly test on there, not on Mac/Win.

Building MlRawViewer releases for either of those platforms is not very difficult (though sadly not well documented right now). Debugging of course requires some familiarity with python programming. And you need to be able to make basic use of git.

"If @Baldand can implement a little change to the backend in MLRavViewer and impliment an alternative 3x3 matrix and lin to log formula just for Cinelog-C..."

Do you think you could do that?

Though this would be possible to add, I do not currently plan to make any more binary releases of MlRawViewer. As I informed previously, this is due to the lack of contributors to help with testing and support on the different platforms.

Regarding the bad colour in highlights: try disabling the stripe correction for those clips. That code path has a different highlight reconstruction approach which sometimes avoids this problem.


Clone the scandir repo from:

Build and install that, and then it should work.

(You may also need to build GLFW3.1 from git - GLFW3.0 is not enough, and not everything is guaranteed to work with GLUT)

@jrcreative that sounds like you are viewing the DNGs with something that doesn't handle standard DNG lossless compression (such as the OS X previewer). Try viewing them with Resolve or Premiere instead.

Yes, I did and not. Depends the image.

No, in the viewer I never see one. I had use in the set a macbook pro, so, maybe for the size - or the RAW color.
Only in DaVinci Resolve or when I exported.

As I told you, I don't have anymore the .raw for start to work again.
It's a full length movie and I have 10 TB of footage.

Sorry, but if I don't receive clear bug reports providing enough information and sample data for me to be able to reliably reproduce and diagnose a problem, there really isn't anything I can do about it.

Please don't forget that this is not a commercial application, and has no other primary developers apart from myself. I have only 1 ML-enabled camera (a 7D), only a limited range of environments to test with. In addition, I primarily develop the app in Linux, not Windows or OS X. And last, but not least, I am only able to work on this during my limited spare time.

To be honest, I've pretty much reached the point where I don't think I should carry on making and supporting binary releases of the app for Windows and OS X any more. I don't think it is fair on any of you when I am unable to give them more than a quick smoke test. It might be a different story if there would be any other active contributers who could help out with testing and debugging platform specific issues, but there isn't.

Anyway I think the interest level in ML raw has pretty much peaked, and MLVFS is the best option for post processing. So now is probably a good time for me to move on to other things.

Thanks to everyone who contributed feedback. Sorry I couldn't fix all your bugs or implement every feature you wanted. Good luck to you all in your different projects.

@budafilms did you have the stripe correction enabled or not? Did you see the hot pixels in the viewer after enabling it?

@togg It would be useful if you could provide DNGs with and without stripe/hot-pixel correction so that I could reproduce your problem. Previously when trying with your provided MLVs, it was working correctly for me in Resolve.

There's a pass that remove hot pixel here, the problem is that Resolve doesn't seem to recognize the data of this process. It's not burned in apparently.

That's not correct.

If you enable the stripe correction, that also includes the hot pixel detection algo. However, it will only become useful after a few frames of training, and it is not usable for tripod based scenes.

That pass does modify the pixel data in the DNGs, so it is not possible for resolve "not to recognise" this. How well the detection works is another question. I think currently it is tuned only to suppress very strong hot pixels. It may well be less effective at high ISO.


I notice 2 things :
A got a Europeen keyboard, then, the keys are not working !
I must use the correspondance between US and French Keybord... for exemple "W" is "Z" for me !
No trick to fix that ?

How could I choose or select a group / list of Raw files to convert ?
I've found that "W" is the key to choose the export directory, but what is the key to select several RAW files to convert / extract (from one directory or different directories) ?


You didn't say what OS you are using. This sounds like a mistake in keyboard mapping but it's hard to say what the cause is. Do characters appear correctly for you in all other apps?

Re multi exports, just open each file in turn and press E to add it to the export queue. Alternatively, C should export all files from the same directory as the current file, however, it seems like that feature is still broken in 1.4.3.

Hello! I test 1.4.3 version and see this bugs:
1. When I trying export all videos in my folder (press C button), program window is freezing.
2. Don't work LUTs presets, i choose C-Log, but my DNG look like default camera settings.
3. "A - Toggle anamorphic aspect to take into account the 1.4x squeeze from shooting 50p/60p"
This work for only for preview, may be you can add resize option for export?

Thanks for the report. I managed to reproduce 1 -> It looks like the C button is still broken in 1.4.3.

Re 2 (not a change in 1.4.3, feature request), LUTs are not applied to DNGs because DNGs are the original raw data as-is. Only the stripe/hot-pixel correction is applied to DNGs if you enable that. If you have SW that can handle DNGs, it should be fully capable of handling the full raw dynamic range and applying any LUTs you wish. The MlRawViewer LUT support is only for preview, and MOV encoding where the dynamic range that can be stored is reduced.

Re 3 (not a change in 1.4.3, feature request), it's been asked before but I'm not keen on supporting any resize that loses resolution data. That's why the stretches/squeezes are only for preview at the moment.

1.4.3 now available

From the usual place:

This is identical to 1.4.2, but it fixes one bug which caused exporting from clips without audio to fail. I suspect this is the bug that was causing many people export problems in 1.4.2.

If you could not export with 1.4.2, please try 1.4.3 and let me know if it is now working for you, or not.

If you still have problems with 1.4.3, please include the $HOME/.mlrawviewer/mlrawviewer.log file when reporting those so that I can investigate them.

download link for 1.4.2 doesn't seem to be working

Thanks. Should be working now.

Hi there,

I tried to open a .RAW file with both versions 1.3.3 and 1.4.2 and the program closes immediately.  Checked the log file, it reads:

WindowsError: exception: access violation reading 0x00000008

I have an EOS-M with the lates nightly build, and tried it on my rather old Dell laptop Core Duo with Win 7.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? The program sounds awesome and I'd really like to give it a try. Sorry if I'm not posting this where I should, it seams like the proper place.

Unless you have a discrete (Nvidia or AMD) GPU in that, you may be out of luck. If you do, make sure you have the latest graphics drivers.

@Baldand I need your help.

I get in 4 shots around ten WHITE dots in the image (5D Mark III)

I found it after export from MLRaw to DNG

I deleted the RAW files, so I have only DNGs.

Can you help me?

I use OS X, so I have ACR, Resolve, Final Cut X and your software.

I tried to do a tracking movement in resolve and I made me crazy for nights.

Thank you.

I don't immediately see how I can help.

In the case MlRawViewer caused the dots when converting from raw to dng, then I doubt it can be undone from just the DNGs.

Hi everybody, this is my first post on ML community  :)
Thanks for developing this useful and amazing software. I've discovered it today and decided to try it.
I'm a professional photographer and I'm almost new to video RAW (of course I understand the basics of this)
I've recorded a MLV file with my 5D Mark II.
Installed MLRawViewer in a folder and I succesfully open the MLV file. It plays very smooth on my HP Elitebook (i5, 8Gb DDR3, AMD HD6470, SSD+Hitach 7k RPM 2,5 1tb, Windows 8.1 x64). But I can't export anything.
I've set IN and OUT marks, I've set a location for exporting in MOV with W key. But the browser windows looks not clear to me. I've folders, and it's okay, but how to confirm I want to export to the current directory? Enter key enters the directory, ESC close the software. I can click just the cross near the path, top left of the window.
And, most important, I can't export anything. I press the E key and nothing happens.Sometimes appears the text of the exporting process but it does nothing and keep at 0.00%.

Here is a screenshot of the window and the log file to debug.

Thanks in advance for the help :)


Thanks for the detailed bug report. I think this again due to the problems with audio file names introduced in 1.4.2.

Since 1.4.2 is actually the development/testing version with new features and bugs, I would recommend to you to start with the stable series, e.g. 1.3.4. You may need to delete all the generated .MRX files next to the raw files, and the $HOME/.mlrawviewer directory to be on the safe side.

Hopefully export should be working ok with that version.

My bad, E doesn't work either!

In 1.3.4 everything works just fine.

Try deleting the .MRX files next to each clip you want to export.

I believe the bug in 1.4.2 is because I changed to using relative paths for the audio file, but didn't check all the cases where old absolute paths must be converted to relative

Modules Development / Re: Full-resolution silent pictures
« on: December 01, 2014, 07:27:19 PM »
That can also be due to texture size limits with your GPU. MlRawViewer assumes it can make a big enough texture for the frame, but full res silent pictures can exceed that limit on older GPUs

Hi Goran,

Unfortunately MlRawViewer currently only exports MOV files at the original resolution. Any anamorphic or high-fps (de)squeeze is purely for viewing only, not for export.

Hi baldand,

It seems "E" key is not working every time to export clip but "C" key is still functioning normally.

(Mac Pro Mavericks).


I need more details in order to diagnose and fix this.

1. What happens when it fails? What do you see?
2. Both MOV and DNG, or just one kind?
3. MLV or RAW?
4. Does same file always fail or succeed?
5. Please find the log file and post it.

@swinxx I see what the problem is. Can you try deleting the old .MRX file alongside the clip and then reopening and trying the export again? Let me know if that works.

I will try to put code in the next release to avoid this problem.

Log file please. I can't say much otherwise. I have tested export in OS X so it should be working fine.

BTW re your stripes. I will not be integrating any other stripe reduction code. If you have clips which are not being corrected by the current algorithm, you could share an example with me that show the problem and perhaps I can tweak the current code to be more effective with it.

I was coming back to ask if anyone keeps getting 2-3 black frames at the end of their DNGs but that was with 1.3.4.

I think I've seen that mainly with clips from 5diii. Not really in my own 7D clips.

(any plans for x64?)

No plans unless people start complaining of crashes due to OutOfMemory. Mainly because it's more confusing/work to have 2 win versions and I don't see any benefits.

Btw, what's the DNG setting with MLRawViewer? I was trying raw2cdng and MLRawViewer consistently puts out much smaller DNGs. Almost half the size compared to raw2cdng 16bit maximized.

Lossless JPEG compression - all the same data in a smaller file, just iike ZIP for your DNGs.

Btw, does 1.4.2 put out the white balance info on the DNG yet? raw2cdng seems to put the MLV WB info on the DNG when loaded in Resolve.

Nope. chmee did a great job reverse engineering the camera WB values into multipliers. I haven't done anything similar yet.

the folder browser is really slow on my system. Even scrolling down takes a few seconds.

Hmmm... this is wierd. What kind of environment did you have again?
Did you try 1.4.1, and if so was that also slow?
What kind of directory structure do you have - lots of DNGs?
Is is slow even in a directory with just a few clips?

I can't seem to associate .mlv with mlrawviewer anymore. :(

EDIT: I try setting MLRawViewer as the default program to open MLV when I double click them. I tried using the Open with dialog on windows to associate .mlv with mlrawviewer, but it wouldn't let me pick mlrawviewer for some reason. Anyone got any ideas?

I recall something similar in the past on Win7, can't remember how I fixed it though.

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