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Hi a1ex, thank you for your quick response, Im going to reset all canon settings, This errors only happens when I change the Picture style, and I think I've never use any ML pictstyle related feature, just the cinestyle picstyle and that's it.
[UPDATE]: I've installed a new nightly build, the magiclantern-Nightly.2016Jan14.650D104 and keeps happening, the camera doesnt work well with monochrome picture style, not only the image isnt b&w but the camera freezes and wont work properly.
Hello! I'm having troubble with my 650D and Ml (Canon Firmware 1.0.4 and ML Nightly.2015Mar26.650D104). I want to set the Picture Style to monochrome to take photos like that, but when I select it, sometimes it takes the photo but in color and somethimes gives me an error (Err 80), and when I turn on the liveview (In photo mode), the screen remains black and nothing shows up (This happens in video mode also).

I tried uninstalling ML but the same keeps happening. Is this a common error? Please tell me that there is a way to work around this :)
I think that this is happening on my colleages 7d and 700d with ML, but Im not shure.

Amazing! did you use a motorized slider?
Great! wich equipment did you use? you should updload a tutorial  :)
Beautiful man! wich octocopter do you have?
Quote from: brewerrj on June 20, 2013, 01:26:20 AM
Is there any progress in sound menu & sound meters in live view? I am desperately waiting for the second one!

me too!
HI! im loving ML on my 650D, but i have one question, why theres no audio improvements on this alpha of ML? i think i've read  something about the audio controller changed, but i dont remember, im looking forward to it!
Quote from: fööniks on June 10, 2013, 03:29:41 AM
It has to flicker. You have to use postprocessing workflow. Can be downloaded under HDR video:

Oh, thank you, i should've read that before, sorry man! thank you, hoping now that the audio features work soon =D

Hi! thanks a lot nanomad! i've just installed ML on my 650D, and i did a quick video test, i turned the HDR Video ON and recorded something, this video has flicker, i dont know if that is another bug or maybe i just didnt setup the HDR Video well (im new to ML)

Thanks again!
Quote from: rfrandsen on June 05, 2013, 09:56:37 PM

This is what I am getting when following the guide:

First when I try to update firmware I get a screen telling me that

"Firmware Update Program"

I am then returned to the screen where I can select "firmware ver.: 1.0.1"
then after a few seconds the following text appear over the usual screen text:

" EnableMainFirm "
" :) "

I downloaded the files from the links posted right above and have followed the instructions.

As far as searching this thread for "EnableMainFirm" goes, a1ex wrote the following.

Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?

Hi! im new to this forum and to the ML world, im having the same issue than rfrandsen, after the update the screen says "EnableMainFirm

What did i do wrong?

Thanks a lot