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Hello all!
Who know what is last version of MLVFS for WINDOWS ?
and where i can download latest correct version ?

Alex already answered, there are small changes only for other models, but if you look on the linked pages you should see that last commit (or last changes) is 26 september 2018  and since you version is older it already has all the commits, none new so nothing changed in the code

thank you for answer
but do u know if will improve any new changes for canon 5dmk2/3 in new versions of ML 10/12 bit ?
and tell me pls how i can filter branch with change only for canon 5dmk2/3 or watch it in tree-list

after the links to download for each camera there is a link to the bitbucket commits, just check the date to see what's new from the previous version you are using
friend ... i can not understand.
my current version on Canon 5dmk3 -2018.Oct.10

but now is available - 2019.Mar.24

where on this link i can see difference between current and new versions ?

No not for 5D2 , there no updated commits for "magiclantern-raw_video_10bit_12bit.2019Mar24.5D2212"
the latest is 2018-09-26 , so I'm not sure what has changed .


Hello friends
I see that its available new verision on 10/12 bit ML RAW for Canon 5dmk2 and Canon 5dmk3
Latest Build (2019-03-24 09:58) :D

But where i can watch differencess with previous version ? :-[

Yes - and the MLVapp developers have made it work pretty flawlessly. I can do dual-iso 12bit with darkframe subtraction to get some pretty nice frames.

I know someone questioned why I'd pair 12bit with dual iso as 12bit loses some dynamic range, but I find that to be an ideal combination, especially with continuous shooting being an option at 12.

how you use DUAL ISO in video recording ? and how you edit it on postproduction ?
MLVFS will be good for it ?

search it , it's not hard to find  ;)
hint ,maybe on this page , clue : has something to do with "broken 3xcrop_mode" and you may have or not quoted it in a post  ::)

sorry but i dont understand

i have raw_video_10bit_12bit_LVState-wip.2018Feb04.5D2212 but its bot work correctly

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark II / 5D2
« on: March 26, 2018, 09:57:32 PM »
tell me please...
it i will shotinh 14 bit on my Canon 5d mk3 .... and shooting in 1- bit
it will be big difference ?
coz it on 30% less in value

Nice to see that you are doing some pretty good progress on the Digic 4 cameras, Reddeercity.  And you seem to be pretty close to turning our fantastic Digic 4 cameras into real ML RAW video shooting beasts.  Keep up the good work!

I have a question.  How do you get rid of the ugly moire and aliasing issue in the 12bit 1856x1044+audio 1:1 mode?
where i can download CORRECT 10/12 ML for Canon 5dm2 ?

Yea I know , I still convinced that it will work , I did some test the other day with the
That I complied with the change I did (mainly the write channel ) ( the one that a1ex said not to use but works in 1:1)
I what to see what problem or crashes would happen in hopes of maybe seeing something that can help resolve this problem .
So with mlv_lite  without hdmi connected there was no issue crashes etc. ...  but with hdmi in standby ,
I would get the flicker with pink  or out of sequence image(see below) when I start recording raw video the flicker stops and liveview is good to record from hdmi .
I can't say the same as  full mlv + audio I got a memory overflow  ??? didn't matter if hdmi was connected or not .
printed a message on screen "mlv_rec.c line 161" has to do with the SRM memory
maybe audio pushed it over the edge not sure .

Next I'm going to be looking at big LVState diagram , I did look them over a year ago but really didn't understand that much now I hope I can make head or tales out of it

i have such trouble too
what you did with it ?>

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
« on: August 23, 2017, 04:29:40 PM »
Anybody know if available ML on Canon 5d Mark 4 ???
and ability shooting ML RAW ??

Hello! WHERE I CAN download FirmWare 1.2.3 ???


I was make MLVSF

But when i try put one folder on the timeline Adobe Premiere cc 2015 i receive such result:

CDNG sequence duplicate such times as how available quanity of dng-pictures....

and i need put first dng-picture on timeline for avoid it:

in such way its all correct...

what i can do for ability put all folder from BIN to timeline in one time ?

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
« on: February 13, 2017, 12:50:10 AM »
Tellme please... is it better this soft then raw2cdng ?

@chmee , but i shooted RAW MLW without drop frames ))))

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: [WINDOWS] MLV to DNG Batch Converter v1.9
« on: February 12, 2017, 10:23:13 PM »
When i converted in MLV to DNG Batch Converter v1.9.... i can not import DNG-sequation in Adobe Premier CC 2015 !!!!! WHY!!! I converted multiply files...

Tell me please... why if i export from MlRawViewer_1_4_3 to DNG_SEQUENCE... i can import it to Adobe Premiere...

But if i export in \MLV Converter 1.9.2 ... i cannot import :


i make video RAW on my Canon 5d MK2 , and choose resolution 1600*900 25p 16:9 ,
Global Draw - OFF
Frame Skipping - OFF
Preview Option - Hacked No Prev
Status When Recording - ICON
Start Delay - 2 sec
Digital Dolly - OFF
Card Warm-up - OFF
Use SRM Job Memory - ON
Extra Hacks - ON
Debug Trace - OFF
Show Buffer Graph - OFF
Buffer Fill Method - 4
Reserve Card Space - ON
Tag Text - none
Tag Take - none

1/Correct settings?
2/And how correct resize in Adobe Premiere via importing DNG-sequence ?
3/And which pixel size choose when creating sequence in Adobe Premiere ?

i have card CF Sandisk Extreme PRO 64gb 160MB/sec

Canon 5d MARK 2.
Card SANDISK EXTREME PRO 64gb class 65
160MB/s read
150MB/s write

I can shooting in RAW without dropping frames and stop recording on 1600x900, 25fps, 16:9, 1.17x and not depent with sound recording or without sound.
Global Draw - OFF

ML version : Nightly.2016Dec19.5D2212


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