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Yes, I saw the announcement for this camera.

Wonder where they came up with that form factor:

But they managed do put a bigger sensor, that's not bad at all, waiting the foveon version with the hope it will be an improved merril...

General Help Q&A / Re: Saving into two picture styles?
« on: July 05, 2019, 05:53:17 AM »
I don't understand the question, probably.
Because you can apply any pic style to raw files with DPP

I know this is an old post and I was wondering if anyone figured out a way to do this? It looks like ML for some older cameras has a feature to allow for this, but I looked in the “Flash Tweaks” menu on my t5i and there is no option for this
Could be that that feat isn't enabled because not working, basically it's a workaround that change mode to not LV when taking the pic and then reverts back to LV. IIRC also on 6d it's not present.

Maybe I missed something ...
Thank you

If you already can load 500D dump in qemu procedure is the same, after enabling FEATURE_GUIMODE_TEST and edit debug.c just load the modified ML build in qemu instead of using it directly on the camera.

form here you should start the test from don't click me. Not sure if qemu will save the screenshot so maybe you need to take a video of it running to see the different GUIMODEs

General Development / Re: Bitbucket for Beginners
« on: June 17, 2019, 04:05:12 PM »
Is just me, or there are problems with pull request on bitbucket site?
I can't see none...

EDIT: MAybe bitbucket problem, I can go to a specific pull request with direct link but the list is empty for open, merged, or closed PR


Figured out how to use two patches from scrax to have a copy of his previous and post tracked what was the main problem.
Don't know why it showing only 2 menu tabs.

Assert related to mem.c was solved adding "_mem_init()" before malloc space for "bmp_vram_idle_ptr" and to make loads fonts is necessaries to "call_init_funcs(0)" before "_load_fonts()".

If I try to load all tasks, I get an error related to 5DC.sym I still need to figure out, probably related to module_task.
Unfortunately I'm still unable to make my previous patch to works, even with init.c and gui.c from scrax's work.

Here is the link to the patch (may have unnecessary changes because is a mix of an old patch found in the forum).

Any help is appreciated
Nice to see some progress, good finding for the fonts...
will try your edits
And yes 5DC.sym should be related to modules so for now I think we can disable to compile module function to avoid the error

General Chat / Re: What photo manager do you recommend?
« on: May 07, 2019, 12:12:57 AM »

I'll stop using it soon or later and digikam seems the best alternative for me (i don't use face recognition a lot)

BTW: privacy and security is a problem on any internet connected PC with AMD/Intel processor made after 2008 (OS don't matter)

Forum and Website / Re: what happened?
« on: May 06, 2019, 10:09:01 PM »
I think those messages were useful a lot, why not make them pubblic/merge with the already pubblic forum sections then?

Forum and Website / what happened?
« on: May 06, 2019, 09:35:00 PM »
I can't see anymore the developers parts about scripts and modules...

General Chat / Re: The 'when' question
« on: April 23, 2019, 05:45:42 PM »
a1ex, if I may..

I don't know you and you don't know me and I'm a nobody here or in general. But I feel you are going through something in you life possibly. Something that makes you doubt if this project is worth doing or maybe your time/effort is better applied somewhere else.. This is very normal and something I can relate to. Or maybe you are an artist at heart and nothing kills creativity and fun better than pressure and lack of respect and appreciation from others.

I know that behind that nick there's a living person, who feels and fights his own demons as we all do. I can't even imagine to what number of hours this number of messages below your nick translates to.. a lot. You have already done for us, for this project so much and you owe nothing to anyone. Do whatever you need to do to go through whatever you are going through and make it right for yourself. Maybe it even means stopping working on ML. We often forget that a person is more important than stuff..

No matter your decision, I will respect you the same. You have already done for me much more than I will ever do for you. Now take care of yourself and do the right thing that makes you feel better. I wish you all the best!

I totally agree with you, can't say it better.

@A1ex: All the time, the knowledge, the lessons, the work and the good feeling you gifted to the comunity is so great that is impossible to misure. You always had the right answer, and I've never had the feeling you are not doing enought. I really have a lot of ammiration in how you manged all this. Take all the time you need to fell good. I really admire you and your talent (and not only yours of course I have a lot of gratitude for all the people who in a way or another partecipated in ML project).
I'm confident that even now you will take the right decision, don't worry.
There could be trolls coming and going, bad feeling and so on but nothing will let me think that you have to be sorry for having to live you life like you want.
I'm wanished for years without even knowing why, and when back last month you made me fell at home again like It was yesterday that I left. You are really an example for me. I whish you and your family all the best!

No offence at all, since I'm first one who thinks that I'm not a dev, but I have it since the start of the forum I suppose you gave it to me like six. Nearly eight years ago, I was having a 600D at the time and you teached me how to find stuff needed for the port...
In my opinion I don't know C but ML code, since I've started coding in C by following your commits history since then. I wasn't even able to recognize in what language it was written when I first came in contact with ML  :P

Maybe you forgot my preferred topic in 2012 ?

Now colors are gone so the debayer stuff seems washed away here when transcodeing to dng.

This got my attention, I've tried to get a b/w pic from raw without debayering but managed to get nothing good (see crops)

First is b/w without debayer
then tried to "fix" bayer by a 0.8 gaussian blur

General Chat / Re: Foveon sensor (SIGMA cameras)
« on: April 23, 2019, 02:16:04 PM »
This is just a matter of adapting to other advancements in industry. For example, the issue you mentioned could be solved with better ASIC, using parallel programming, better/faster compression algorithms and better flash drives:

Also with the old way bigger/faster cpu instead of proper software like the computer world has used us  ;D :D
(just joking)

I agree with you a lot to be serious.

I discovered the Foveon by looking for something like the Leica M monochrom, that is someway better than bayer and foveon together just because it takes only B/W pic, no bayer no layer no colors to deal with only luminosity...
And with some old tecnique you can have color pics like this  :P

General Chat / Re: Foveon sensor (SIGMA cameras)
« on: April 23, 2019, 12:32:14 PM »
After downloading RAWs from the above mentioned linke, setting "all to 0", no sharpening, no denoising, white balance set on a gray card in the middle for each shot separately:
- sd Quattro H has an amazing sharpness and nearly no moire/aliasing artifacts. The text below the color checker is readable to the last line. Way better than D850 and 5DIV, despite much lower resolution of the final image (45 and 30 vs 25MPx).
- color checker looks virtually idenctical on D850 and 5DIV but sd Quattro H is very different. Blues, oranges, browns, violets are heavily affected. Despite I somehow "like it" (does it matter? or should the photo just match reality perfectly?), I don't know what is closer to real, as I can't compare it with the color checker itself.
- on sd Quattro H the blue channel is noisy already on well exposed parts (look at blues of the color checker!). I wonder how is it usable for landscape shots with a lot of blue sky...
- response curve is different; has to push shadows by +0,5EV to match exposure of D850 and 5DIV
- +1EV and the image from sd Quattro H already gets awful, large colored spots over the whole dark gray background. Mostly prominent close to image edges. Just with +1EV! For me, such a cam would be useless.

I can live with Bayer, for me it's a sweet spot. No wonder it's commonly adopted. No breath-holding what near future brings. :)

If someone argues about the choice of competitors: just checked the prices and ok, fine, comparing a 1,3k€ cam with a 3k€ might be unfair. Just take then 80D instead of 5DIV and D7500 instead of D850. The outcome stays same.

I'm totally agree, even foveon users are divided because the foveon quattro is not like the predecessor and a lot of them like the older (merrill) more (quattro has 4 time more pixel in the blue layer than the other two, to let the camera be more faster, maybe that's also why blue is not responding the same as other channel in your tests).
Another thing to consider is that the dng raw gives worst result than the x3f edited in ProPhoto app from sigma (if understood right it has some specific settings like x3f fill light and something similar to picture styles that can be edited only from the proprietary file and not on the dng).

I think that is interesting the dp1 merril, a sort of compact camera with aps-c, fixed lens and great detail around 300€ (used and really hard to find) but limited a lot in ISO, AF and other things like it takes like 3sec to save a pic and can't be reviewed during this time...
It's not a "good" camera or an all around camera but for me is interesting at leat the concept.
But the poor performances at high ISO's are really a pita for me too.

I'll just keep an eye on it for the future, maybe in some years there will be some evolution that will make the foveon or another layered cmos better than a bayer not only on details and colors (the thing that I like more than bayer, in the comparisons I saw, too)

AH one thing that is nice and could be interesting also on canon cameras is the IR filter of the sigma mirrorless is easily removable with a pair of tweezers. So you can remove it, put a filter for visible light on the lens and have a session of IR photography and when finished put back in the IR filter in the body and you are back to standard photography without permanently mod the camera

Just to be sure: You set ML to defaults before enabling autoexpo and haven't played around with Expo. Lock, ETTR ...?
I've tryed it on my usual config so yes played a lot  :P

Then backed it up and started with default settings (form ML and module too), works in LV but on photo mode not always (if I go to LV and back it start working in photo mode too, but if EV changes it keeps value for previous EV).

Need to make more test and find out if there is some setting that conflicts with it.

Expo override is off and it doesn't work outside LV, too?

Yes to both.
Will try with exp. over. ON now and report back

I've disabled clear override with halfshutter and now I can see it change shutter and iso but not aperture (with exp. over. OFF), I suppose I'm doing something wron in setting up properly the module...

In photo mode i can't "change" shutter time or ISO (they are reset by the module as soon as I've changed them, so this is ok)

Only thing that don't change now is Aperture (set at f16).

The changes aren't immediately visible in LV.  Requires half-shutter to see the exposure changes in LV.
Things work more smoothly in LV with 'Same TV curve' set to ON.  With Same TV curve set to OFF, I have to press half-shutter, release and press again fairly quickly, for the correct exposure settings to stick.

Seems tha don't work for 600D. I've set ISO range from 200 to 800 in the module, then set M to 3200 ISO and it never changes, in LV or Photo mode still 3200 even if halfshutter pressed.
Same for aperture range set from f4 to f16, on camera f22 and it never changes.

General Chat / Re: Foveon sensor (SIGMA cameras)
« on: April 23, 2019, 04:13:20 AM »
Your best bet for now would be Hasselblad... if you can afford it.

I'm feared just to check the prices  :P

Here the link to the paper of the research mentioned before...
First thinkg noticed: "The IR fraction of light remains unabsorbed" so no IR photo seems

attached pic of the one pixel sensor they made  :D

General Chat / Re: Foveon sensor (SIGMA cameras)
« on: April 23, 2019, 12:28:26 AM »
If noise is "ok only at 100 - 200 and 400" then the dynamic range is bad. Nikon, Sony and Pentax are also having so called ISO-less sensors, i.e. it doesn't matter if you dial in ISO 3200 or ISO 100 and push the file by +5EV in postprocess: the results will be the same.
If there is potential to recover highlights, then the photos are probably not ETTR-er. No surprise, as all DSLRs I know tend to underexposure.

From my readings (and experiences on bayer) what you say is right for bayer kind sensor but foveon is not working same way because how it works and how the RAW files are generated (they are not really the RAW data from the sensor, for basically two reason one tecnical and one purely commercial (Sigma hides the algoritms to reconstruct colors by not giving out pure raw data from sensor).

For what I do now (cave/mines photography) my tipical subject is in totally dark enviroment with tripod and a lot of flashes or old magnesium bulb. So I have direct control on scene light like in studio and can shot at low ISO's.
That's basically why I'm looking at those sensors, but also seems that they are working on a new FF sensor for 2020 with L-mount, so I think I'll wait and try to learn more about this before making a decision.

I have basically only EF lens so going to the new mount R, M or L (the new mount Sigma, Leica and Panasonic are working on together) will be almost the same for me (all them will work with a 600$ adapter for EF  ::) )

General Chat / Re: Foveon sensor (SIGMA cameras)
« on: April 22, 2019, 02:08:40 PM »
Anything you can use tripod and is static (not moving) this can be a good camera. Would be nice to test together with HDRMerge...
I think Foveon is a great technology and much better than Bayer. The noise issue could be solved if there was more people producing/researching it, but AFAIK, SIGMA patented the technology and now no one can use it, except them. Too bad.

You can simulate the Foveon, doing a technique called Drizzle. This software (supposedly) does that:
Yes Sigma bought Foveon and are the only one who can make it but both Sony and Canon are trying to find how to make it, and recently there is this that could be the evolution of the Foveon and maybe can be bought and developed by Canon

thank's for the DSS link going to check it now  :D
 :'( win only

General Chat / Re: Foveon sensor (SIGMA cameras)
« on: April 22, 2019, 01:58:28 AM »
Look at samples. The dynamic range (=> shadow noise) sucks. People like it due to its colors, not ISO performance.

There were another variations in the past from different manufacturers. Honeycomb instead of standard Bayer, additional fourth color and differently sized sensels to increase DR, to name just a few.

Is what I was thinking, I've dowloaded the sigma app (that is not fast at all in render edits previews) and some raw files to see how they are.
Noise and ISO are ok only at 100 - 200 and 400 and from reading how it works on dedicated forums it's because is like a camera with only 100 ISO film.
Changing it is just a "memo" for the raw processor to push up exposure in post, that's why it gives so much noise at high ISOs
But sharpness and details are great.
Seems also to have a lot of potentiality in recovering highligts (at least).

Another thing I've found on dedicated forum is that it is good with natural lights but has big problem with artificials lights like tungsten because they have more red than blue frequencies...

I'll like to try one (mainly fo B/W), but if real ISO are only 100, it is really a camera good only for landscapes (with good weather)...

yep... very very old.. nice find ;)

NOTE: wikipedia link is missing a: )

General Chat / Foveon sensor (SIGMA cameras)
« on: April 21, 2019, 05:20:29 PM »
Anybody has some experiences with it?
From what I understood it has only 100 ISO real because of no amplification before A/D
But no bayer and a lot more details than CMOS

It's something new for me, I was aware only of CMOS (ok the foveon is a particular CMOS by the way) and CCD sensors...

With only 100ISO I'm curious about long shutter time noise

General Development / Re: How to run Magic Lantern into QEMU?!...
« on: April 21, 2019, 11:59:00 AM »
I don't know if it something that need attention or not, but when emulating 600D if I press L (for live view) i got this:

Code: [Select]
   163:  8499.968 [MC] PROP_GUI_STATE 0
   164:  8499.968 [PRP] ERROR TWICE ACK REQUEST L:846
   165:  8499.968 [PRP] this->dwWaitAckID = 0x80020000(0x80040004)
   166:  8499.968 [LV] [LVAE] EP_SetControlBv() >> EP_ControlBv:1
   167:  8500.992 WARN [LVDS] First Get DTS_GetAllRandomData
   168:  8501.248 [LV] [PATH] GetPathDriveInfo[0]
   169:  8501.248 WARN [LVDS] First Get DTS_GetAllRandomData
   170:  8501.760 WARN [LVDS] First Get DTS_GetAllRandomData
   171:  8502.272 WARN [LVDS] First Get DTS_GetAllRandomData
   172:  8502.272 WARN [LVDS] First Get DTS_GetAllRandomData
   173:  8502.528 [MC] cam event guimode comp. 0
   175:  8506.880 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv GetMovieFrameRateIcon S (81)
   176:  8507.136 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv GetMovieZoomIcon S (88)
   177:  8507.136 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   178:  8508.672 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   179:  8508.672 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   180:  8508.928 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   181:  8508.928 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   182:  8510.208 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   183:  8510.208 [DISP] UpdateReverseTFT(off) Current=1 Target=1
   184:  8558.336 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   185:  8558.336 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   186:  8558.592 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   187:  8558.592 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   188:  8558.848 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   189:  8616.704 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   190:  8616.704 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   191:  8616.704 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
   192:  8616.704 [GUI] ERROR ***** Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88)
... this Lv IsMovieZoomSetting(88) continues till I get out of LV...

(I'm using last qemu branch with python3 and new toolchain)

Uhmmm, I was playng with it in those days and can't understand if it works or how is supposed to work...
ISO range works, seems.
But how to set Exposure compensation? Any change I made to EC range or curve seems to not having any effect (in LV, in photo mode nothing changes)

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