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hey mate you still planning on doing a post on your blog regarding this video?

Still working on it! i had the unfortunate luck that my iMac broke down, it's still in repair (almost 4 weeks now...) and when i get it back i can finally start with the blog again. However, i probably lost all my grades, so have to make a few of them from scratch.
But that's okay, because now i can make a time-lapse of it so how with my breakdown :)
So hold on, it's coming but i can't tell you when. (probably within 2 weeks)

Great writing on top of the video editting. Where di you get your background music?

We made the music ourselves in Logic pro :)

I mostly worked with the Visionlog RAW tab and the Kodak Vision 3 500T (C41 and NEG) LUT.
I tweaked the CDNG settings (lift, gain, shadow, highlight etc) but worked with the BMDfilm color profile.
Most of the footage was darkened and flattened AFTER the LUT, which is unusual because normally one would mostly work before a LUT.
I'm currently working on a blog post of grading this project, so stay tuned and check out, I think i will have it online next weekend.

The grain is a combination of taste and to make the 4k more plausible, but it's something i really like in the style of the short, but perhaps it's a bit too much.
The shot at 1.27 was done with a tripod where I only extended 2 legs so i could use it as a sort of Jib to go over the edge haha.
Blog is in development, i will post it here soon!

Hi all,

I have shown this video before, but i made a few small adjustments and really wanted to share it again.
It was almost completely shot on the 5D mark III with ML RAW (there are 2 shots in here shot with the bmpcc and 1 shot on the 7D with the regular codec)
Edited in Premiere and graded in Davinci Resolve with Impulz, after this it was imported in After Effects and upscaled to 4k, then sharpened and i added 4k film grain to make the upscale more realistic.
Hope you guys like it! I will upload a blogpost about grading this piece soon on my website:

Most of the locations were in Belgium.

Make sure to watch in 4k!

Haha I did one on urbex too. Cool! Looks great dude :)

Thanks! and nice to see you also did one about Urbex, good luck in the competition :)

Thanks guys!
Normally my grades are way more colorful and saturated, but for the feeling it needed to be grey/dark, so this was the result.

Share Your Videos / Sincerely, the Past (urbex mini doc) 5D mark III RAW
« on: December 01, 2014, 01:00:50 AM »
No doubt more people know of the existence of the sony urbex competition so without going in too many details, here is my entry:
It has been shot on a few different famous urbex sights throughout Belgium (with 2 exceptions)

Completely shot in ML RAW on the 5D mark III with a lens kit containing the samyang 14,24,35,85mm and the canon 24-105 F4L.
A glidecam HD-2000 and a igus slider was used for the smooth stuff.

Graded in Resolve using the fantastic Impulz LUT's.

Hope you guys like it.

Raw Video / Re: CF card validity for ML
« on: August 20, 2014, 02:55:27 PM »
I got the tip to swap my Lexar card reader for one of a different brand (got a kensington usb 3.0), after i did that (and swapping the CF's) i never got that problem again.
However my CF cards we're Komputerbay and not Lexar.

For the times i worked with OSIRIS i just imported everything in after effects, get a neutral white balance and add the visionLOG profile.
Then i rendered it out (with some minor tweaks if necessary like noise reduction) to prores 4444 which i then import in Davinci.
From that point i start grading, what i find very useful is apply the LUT you want to a Node and then add a node before that one.
Now you have a stylized look that you can tweak but since you are adjusting the node before the LUT you are working with data that could get lost after the LUT (crushed blacks ETC.) so you can use stuff like your highlights and shadows, or just key out the sky and drop it down a notch. whatever you want and in my opinion most of the times this is better than using a Node after the LUT.
Of course most people agree that you should get a neutral picture (color correction) before the node but i find it very useful to see it with the LUT already applied.

BTW, for IMPULZ, i used a combination of 2 LUTs for a videoclip i just did.
The clip however was shot in Cinestyle H.264 but nonetheless, the colors are nice.
I used a Kodak stock from impulz without the film contrast, just the color conversion and then i added the KDX profile from osiris.
The combination of emulating film and then using a stylized look worked just fine to create a very saturated look with the teal orange effect but keeping a bit of a film stock look.

Anyway, downloaded resolve 11, lets see what it can do.
I saw that you can finally get your highlights, shadows, lift and gain in the RAW tab, this could be useful to create a LOG like profile for magic lantern RAW without going to BMDfilm, or use BMDfilm and get the lift up to get a more neutral picture for canon.

Raw Video / Re: RAW Video issue with Zoom Lenses?
« on: June 01, 2014, 10:29:53 PM »
I also find this quite annoying about the 24-105mm lens but, however, it's not a firmware, build or camera fault but it's in the lens itself.
Just as Lostfeliz posted it's because of the light transmission isn't the some because of the design of the lens.
The t-stops are different, not the f-stop, or at least with most of the 24-105mm lenses.

General Help Q&A / Zacuto EVF and magic lantern problems?
« on: May 31, 2014, 04:36:49 PM »
I've been experiencing a lot of problems with the magic lantern nightly build on the 1.2.3 firmware.
Whenever im using the Zacuto EVF pro with my 5D mark III i have to keep unplugging and plugging back in the HDMI cable to get a picture on it.
Whenever i switch from photo mode to video mode it juste gives me blue screen with no signal on the EVF.
However, when i unplug the HDMI and put it back in (in the camera) it works.
This is very time consuming to do every time, also the same problem occurs when i'm toggling the camera off and on.
Is this build related, firmware related or hardware related?
Is it just me or do some of you guys also experience the same problem?

I've had some problems with this too but it turned out it was only with a few files.u
Used a different converter to get the DNG's and everything was okay again.
Just try to import one clip at a time, if it crashes with all the files i have no idea but if it only happens with a few files try to reconvert them.

Is there any way to fix the underexposed green DNG's on mac?
Been using RAW on the 5DmkIII with 1.2.3. and the 26 march build.

Well if you can spend a buck you can buy the OFX version of NEAT video and use it in Davinci resolve.
This way you can reconnect the proxies in davinci and do all your finishing work here.

Been having problems with MLV on the 1.2.3 firmware with the last nightly update (March 17)
Most of my vids come out green, while some are still adjustable by the white balance there are a few which go so dark that they cannot be recovered at all.
Here is an example when i open one of the frames in ACR:

Even with the exposure all the way to the right it's still almost black.
Tried a few different methods to convert but none of them worked.
The file is playable in the camera with MLV view and the colors look fine then but not on my imac.

Anyone has any suggestions?

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Davinci Resolve and strange artifacts
« on: February 25, 2014, 08:57:51 PM »
What kind of settings did you use in the DNG RAW tab in resolve? looks like the sharpness has been pushed too far.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Salvaging Pink Crazy DNGs
« on: February 20, 2014, 04:58:16 PM »
Okay, so here's my problem.
I shot a videoclip on my 5D mark III in 1920p 2.35 with 48fps (FPS override in 720p60 setting)
The card went corrupt (camera was showing the card was not compatible with the camera or cannot be used) and when i connected it to my iMac it said the card had to be formatted or ejected.
So with the help of a few recovery programs i got some files of the card but they were .SWF files and with another program i got one big .gz file.
Now i tried using 0xED to add the footer but i'm just doing something i have 0 knowledge of.
I tried it and renamed the file to end with .RAW and while RAWmagic now converts the file i only get the pink crazy DNG files.
Can anybody explain to me what it is that i really need to replace or add to the file?
I'm using one .SWF file tot try it out on and that file is 354,1 MB.
If anybody could help me i would be really happy!

Hardware and Accessories / Re: Komputerbay 1050x 128gb problem!
« on: February 19, 2014, 09:45:08 PM »
So after a lot of trying to save the data i ended up with a few .GZ files.
I think this contains the RAW data but i'm not sure, can anybody tell me if it is and if so, is there a possibility to read this data so i can get the shots back?
one of the .gz files is 10,66GB while the rest (about 6 files more) is around 66KB...

Hardware and Accessories / Re: Komputerbay 1050x 128gb problem!
« on: February 05, 2014, 12:30:44 AM »
You will have to use recovery software on it like testdisk (

seems the 128gb cards are a risky proposition.

Yeah, been using a 128gb 1000x since the beginning of RAW, never had any problems with it (except that it couldn't run 1920x1080 due to lack of speed) and been using a 64gb 1000x for 2 months now, and both are working fine.
However, the 1050x, already been replaced once (i was apparently using the wrong card reader back then, the Lexar USB 3.0) but this time i'm using the kingston and this one breaks down too.
Probably going to send this one back and ask a 64gb 1000x in return.

I'm gonna try the recovery software you suggested, will post the results here.

Hardware and Accessories / Komputerbay 1050x 128gb problem!
« on: February 05, 2014, 12:17:20 AM »
Hey Guys,

Well i'm having a bit of an issue with this card.
I shot a video clip on a KB 64gb 1000x and a 128gb 1050x
When shooting on the 128gb, out of nowhere the camera said it couldn't acces to card 1 and that i need to replace or format it.
When trying to open it on my iMac (using the Kingston USB 3.0 reader as suggested) it says the disc can not be accessed by the computer, i can only choose initialize, ignore or remove media.
Now i don't want to initialize/format the card, since there is still some very important data on the card! can anyone help me?

Hardware and Accessories / Re: NEW KomputerBay *1050x* 128 GB Card
« on: January 09, 2014, 01:08:14 AM »
Anyone tried the 64gb 1050x CF card?
it's the same price as the 128gb 1050x CF, so that's a bit confusing but perhaps the speed drastically improves?

Thank you so much scarluuk!


Were weeks that I was trying to find an answer to this problem. Finally I saw this post and following the vimeo tutorial I said "oh no this workflow doesnt work for me" then I try yours at the top of the post and magically the pink dot disappeared.

Plus I learnt a bit of resolve...

And thanks to all the guys out there from the ML to the forum.

EDIT: no sorry it doesnt really work. I was excited by a fast attempt but I realized that was on a blurry footage so the pink higlight disappeared but I couldnt see that the sharpness too. I saw it after on a "on focus image" that the problem was gone as well as the clearness.

I wolud like to show you my problem, so maybe someone can tell me something.

I see a pink dot always on the same point of my monitor and in all the shots. This doesnt happen in ACR. Is this what we are talking about here? sorry but maybe I didnt understand the point.

What we were talking about in this topic has to do with Davinci resolve 9, 10 solved the pink problem where all the hard contrast area's got pink highlights.
The problem in your image isn't a pink highlight, it's a stuck pixel.
Try to search for removing dead pixel after effects or something like that.
Also, search on youtube for your camera model and removing a dead pixel. good luck! :)

Als het u blieft: English please (or at least a translation)... Cheers!

Sorry, the other guy entered the same competition and was also in our poule with their movie. :)

i love it :D  Fantastic keep rocking guys :D The actor(Fred) is funny :D


It looks great !
Very good stuff here !

Bravo !


Was idd een leuke film, ik deed zelf mee met Heynde & Verre met Magazijn en we zaten in het zelfde blok.

Als jullie volgende keer een tweede camera (7D) en steadicam nodig hebben hoor ik het wel ;)


Wat leuk om te zien dat er iemand uit onze poule hier ook actief is!
Jullie hadden ook een toffe film, was toch een van de eerste die getoond werd?
Maar ik hou je in gedachten voor een B-roll, film je ook in RAW?

Hi Guys,

Me and my team entered the 48 hour film project in Utrecht last September and made this short movie.
We won prizes for best actor, best movie by audience and best movie by jury!
This short will also be shown at the filmpalooza festival in New Orleans coming March!

For those who are not familiar with the 48 hour film project, it's a project held worldwide where filmmakers get the opportunity to make a short movie within a very short time (48 hour) and compete with other film makers.
The idea is that you make the complete movie within this timeframe, not use a pre written script or anything.
To make sure that you have not pre written anything or filmed they give you a few rules/elements for in the movie.
The film length needs to be within 4 to 7 minutes.
Each year all the teams are given elements for in their movie, the elements of Utrecht were:
Character name: Johannes/Johanna Achterdijk
Profession: Mailman/woman
Sentence: One for now and one for the road
Prop: Cheese
With these elements you must make a movie, these elements are te same for all the teams within that weekend, the only difference between teams is the genre.
Our genre was: Comedy.
Friday at 19:00 these elements were given, and you must write, film and edit your film within 48 hour so you can deliver the movie that following sunday before 19:00.

A bit about the workflow:
We shot in RAW with 1920x818 (we only had one 128gb 1000x CF card from computer bay, the other one broke down when we wanted to start....)
We made proxy's with davinci resolve, edit with Final cut pro 7 while our colorist just color graded the raw files (without XML, there was no time to wait for an XML file)
Grading was done with the OSIRIS LUT for basic grading and then added a lot of purple for the interior and orange for outside.
Lens kit consisted of:
14mm Samyang T3.1
28mm Zeiss distagon F2.0
35mm Zeiss distagon F2.0
50mm Zeiss planar F1.4
85mm Zeiss planar F1.4
Canon 100m F2.8L Macro

We had a dolly/jib with rails of 3 meters, grip was a Gini Rig with follow focus, a Zacuto EVF Pro and a cheap preview monitor with 15 meters HDMI (worked flawlessly with this range)
Lighting was completely done with a 2x1m reflector/flag screen to block or bounce light and for the hallway and nightshots we used 2 800w redheads with one equipped with a Chimera soft box.

Hope you guys enjoy the movie, if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

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