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 Thanks for the link and quick reply.
  I hadn't checked the threads related to video as I'm more interested in photography features then the cinematic ones.

  I was wondering if anyone has compiled a version of ML with the new features that those of us who are not adept at coding can use . I consider myself pretty good with a camera but when it comes to programing I'll openly admit I have neither the skill or confidence to attempt putting the pieces together to make a working version .

 Reading about the modules and reading the updates in the Change Log section is pretty exciting though at the same time not having the means to implement them to my camera leaves myself ( and I'd bet quite a few others in the same boat) feeling a little left out .  I'm hoping an official more simplified release in the form of another alpha or even a beta version will come from the Magic Lantern team sometime soon.

 I guess to put it in a nutshell I'm humbly requesting ya toss a bone to us non-codeing nitwits so we can feel like part of the gang .

 And thanks for any consideration this post may get.


 I recall seeing a spreadsheet posted of what features are enabled on each camera .
It's been a month or so since I saw that posting and I can't find it for the life of me. I just upgraded from a 7D to 5D Mk III and am trying to find the difference in usable functions .
 If someone could direct me to the link it would be most appreciated .

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