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Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
December 11, 2013, 03:27:55 AM
Perhaps the older ports that are not being actively maintained should be archived (dumped) in favor of ports that are being maintained. Are people going out and buying older cameras (40D/50D, etc) to run ML? I would argue that adding the newer cameras is as important as maintaining older ports, if not more so. They are more powerful in resolution, noise, and likely processing power too - just to name a few areas.

In relation to convincing people to buy "60d, 7d, 6d or 5d3", the last 3 make sense, but are more expensive than the 70D - and two of them are full frame, which will put off people which a few EF-S lenses. The 60D is not likely to be available for long, if it is still being made, and the 7d mkI is due for replacement with it being expected in the first half of 2014.

Are there any statistics on how many people are using ML on which cameras? I doubt there is any reliable method of getting this, perhaps an option when downloading to indicate which cameras you plan to use it on? How does CHDK deal with the issue of maintaining the older cameras?

I personally own a 60D, which I use ML on, and a 70D. The 70D has fast become my favorite camera, albeit I don't have ML on it. Not everyone can justify keeping two cameras, one for ML and the other because it is better. I do have a technical background and understanding of what has been happening to get ML running, and think those out there are doing a fantastic job. I'd love to help out, but time is an issue for me, although I have looked at it a number of times.

I'd be willing to help upgrade TheUnkn0wn from a 700D to a 70D to get ML on it, knowing that it will take time to become stable. It would be interesting to know how much that is expected to cost. I've donated to this project in the past, and would be willing to do so again, but would like to know the money was going toward something that would be a benefit to me.