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hi there,

can you elaborate on your workflow? on Mac I have DNGs without horizontal lines... but just as you said one frame dark exposed, one frame bright exposed, etc, etc.

cr2hdr works on single images... not on a series of images. I'm lost!
Camera-specific Development / Re: Magic Lantern for 30d
October 10, 2014, 02:29:31 PM
hi webflunkie,

any luck so far? i have a 30D lying around gathering dust... if I sell it i can get maximum 100,- (now, but not in a year time) but if ML could be working I could use the 30D for time lapses.

I guess since the LCD screen is a lot smaller, the ML menu part needs to be re-written quite a bit.

what are your intended goals with the ML port for 30D?

I'm a front-end developer, not a lot of low level knowledge but if i can help on parts let me know! do you want to share your develop VM image?
QuoteOption A - Camera arrives with firmware 1.2.3)  Downgrade the camera to 1.1.3, install ML, use it, upgrade to 1.2.3, remove bootflag.

Option B - Camera arrives with firmware 1.1.3)  Install ML, use it, upgrade to 1.2.3, remove bootflag, downgrade to 1.1.3.


I use ML on my 60D for video but was hesitant to use it on my 5D3 because of the bootflag issue. I want to be able to remove the bootflag afterwards.
For video ML 1.1.3 is still recommended over ML 1.2.3. ML 1.1.3 sets the bootflag, however 1.2.3 can remove the bootflag.

Can i use the following workflow to be able to use ML Video and be able to remove the bootflag afterwards?

1) install ML 1.1.3 the normal way, which also sets the bootflag on the 5D3.

(bootflag is now set, slow start-up when not using ML)

2) do your thing.... film using ML  video capabilities

3) upgrade firmware to 1.2.3

4) install ML 1.2.3

5) remove ML

(bootflag is now removed, firmware is back to Canon original)

Is this correct? If not, what should i do to be able to get bootflag removed?
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
March 27, 2014, 05:43:34 PM
Hi ayshih,

Thanks for your work on 50D. Currently i own a 60D and 5Diii. Unfortunately the 60D's RAW capabilities are not that good due to slow SD card writing.

Just as an opinion, would you suggest getting a 50D as a "cheap" RAW B-roll camera as company for my 5D as the main camera? Of course, cheap is relative  :). Since i don't own a 50D yet, do the two combine good together, feature wise?
Quote from: dubzeebass on February 07, 2014, 03:40:04 PM
MLV audio is fine. 48khz.

thanks for this.

so, any suggestions to using pre-amp or recorder? or use Zoom as pre-amp?

I own a Rode NTG-1 with XLR and a 5Diii is in the mail somewhere... I have been filming with a 60D and ML a lot, but no RAW since the RAW capabilities of the 60D are limited.

Up until recently the ML RAW video did not have audio, but i read that the newer MLV format contains audio. I haven't tried it yet, no 5Diii yet, ... but i guess you will still have to manually sync the WAV after processing the DNGs. How good is the MLV audio compared to the H.264 audio?

What would be a good setup which i could use with the 5Diii, both for when filming RAW and filming H.264? I have not enough money to buy two setups.

(1) an external recorder such as a Zoom.
PRO: always good audio
CON: when i film in H.264 it's because i would not want too much hassle in post-production. when i use an external recorder, i would again have to manually sync the audio, and this would be cumbersome because the audio and video have different in- and out-points.

(2) a pre-amp with XLR into the 5Diii such as JuicedLink
PRO: easier post-production
CON: i have no idea how good the MLV audio is.

(3) a dedicated DSLR mic such as Rode Video Mic (PRO)
PRO: easier post-production
CON: i have no idea how good the MLV audio is.
CON: i cannot use my XLR mic which is better than the Video Mic.

I have heard that people use the Zoom as an pre-amp for the DSLR, but have no idea if this would be just as good as a JuicedLink.

Any suggestions?