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Thanks Ali!

Regarding the process: I shot mostly Raw with a few exceptions where I needed the sound (was using an older build without mlv) I rendered the DNG files with the vision log profile into prores 444 files in After effects applying basic white balance and eventually pushing a stop of exposure back or forth in Camera Raw, then cut the whole thing together in Premiere and used Davinci Resolve for the grade... that's pretty much it!
Thank you! It feels really good to read this!

This video was shot in Lamu at Forodhani house in November 2014.
ML features used: ML Raw on 5D2, focus peaking, histograms, intervalometer, and many more!
The frequent prayer calls inspired me to record the call for a morning prayer and use it as background track, unfortunately the religious nature of the track didn't make the video viable commercially, to read more about this production please visit: to see the final version visit:
I think the sensor and chip might be able to produce that sort of framerate, the body, card and other hardware on the other hand most likley won't be able to handle heat... there is a reason 'proper' film cameras are so big, that mainly has to do with noiseless cooling through ventilation
Thanks a lot Danne! Yes I actually use MLRawviewer to preview files and sometimes also to render, but it doesn't introduce the 'cannon' attribute in the exif data thus I can't the apply the vision log flat profile in camera raw without running the exported files though exif tool and that can be a bit of a pain...
I fairly recently switched to mac and love it, but is there a way to stop the raw2dng app for mac to create the prores proxies? It takes extremely long and I am not using those anyway and would therefore speed up my already slow enough workflow immensely...
Nope, you're lucky enough not to need it on the 5DIII :D
I'd make sure your WB and exposure are spot on, then export to Prores4444 in cinelog c, as far as grading is concerned you should be covered for DR as long as WB is set correctly before exporting.
thanks, unfortunately I don want to use photomatix for a number of reasons, mainly because  I prefer the results of a flat image produced by enfuse vs. tone mapped by photomatix, also I am using RAW as source files, so no fast .mov file based workflow for me...
I was hoping for someone to chime in on this one: I have to use a lot of HDR video at work to light interiors with big windows. As of recently I have started to use enfuse for lightroom for my stills, I like the results much better then the common HDR software like photomatix or similar produce and would like to use it to process HDR video, it has a batch function but for it to work you need to stack the images in pairs and I see no other way then doing this manually  by selecting two images, right vlivking and selecting from the drop down menu - with a clip of 10000plus frames this can potentially take forever, would anyone know a way around this? maybe to stack images via a script in lightroom or to make enfuse group the images in any other way? Any thought are much appreciated!
General Help Q&A / Re: Hyperlapse from Instagram
September 11, 2014, 08:41:41 AM
it uses the data from the accelerometer in the phone for stabilization, as dslrs don't have one it might be complicated, but here is someone who figured out a hardware add-on to solve this:
Beautifully shot! But was it really shot with an anamorphic lens or do you rather mean the aspect ratio? If it was an anamorphic it would be interesting to know what lens you used, thanks!

For more information on this video visit
ML features used: focus peaking, some RAW video, audio levels and histogram.
Open your cdng sequence in PP, right click and select 'replace with after effects composition' should normally do it... both AE and PP need to be the same version, also for dynamic link to work on anything prior to CC you had to have Creative Suite as far as I recall.
But if I was to do this I'd import directly into After effects, do my magic and then export prores 4444 to edit in premiere and finally grade in resolve, working with linked comps in premiere is a nightmare no matter how powerful your system is...
Raw Video / Re: RAW with flat picture style?
August 29, 2014, 08:06:43 PM
There is also vision log and other similar options out there... grading raw to log to then grade it back to something normal looking like described above seems a lot of wasted time to me...
The crop mode is cropping the full sensor resolution and not the 1080p image which is achieved through line skipping, I hope this explains.
Nice! DIY underwater housing sounds adventurous, can you tell us more on how you went about building it?
I kinda rushed through the article, not much there to draw my attention, the fact that the 5D3 is actually a stills camera seems pretty obvious and I am generally a bit tired of the Alexa comparisons - what had me astound is that it actually took them two weeks to shoot that ad - what exactly were they doing for that long?

For more information on this video visit:
To bid on one of the two tables visit:
Quote from: gomogomo on August 11, 2014, 09:02:20 AM
WE ALSO REFRAIN FROM USING ALL CAPS!!! Resolve light is free; if you need the extra features pay for it!
I am sure there will have to be a way of at least rescuing the data from the other decided files by replacing the header information from the first files, wouldn't know how to achieve this technically though but I am sure there are other people in this forum who'd know...
Quote from: Midphase on August 10, 2014, 08:20:25 PM
No...there's no need to merge before conversion.
Just to clarify for my own interests as I am on 5d2 and exfat is not an option; does the use (and necessary purchase) of RAWMagic prevent you from having to merge in order to convert or is there any other secret sauce unknown to me?
From what I can see on your screenshot you have to takes on your card, both very long therefore split in 4 gb junks, you need to merge those files before dropping them into a converter, are you missing anything other then the 1824 and 1831 shot?
Share Your Videos / Re: Benahoare
August 09, 2014, 01:08:23 PM
Enhorabuena, te ha quedado muy guapo! Encantado de ver a un benahoarita por el foro de magic lantern, yo me crie en Garafia y me ha dado mucha nostalgia ver esos preciosos paisajes palmeros, gracias por compartir!