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Title: Quick Answer
Post by: MagicNoob on November 02, 2021, 03:05:14 AM

I know its been asked before but in case new things have been achieved since then via firmware, which cameras would you pick right now if your intention was to run ML and shoot raw videos?

I was under the impression the 5D MK III is still the best, if true then can someone maybe list the next 2-3 models below that which come close and what core things do they lack compared to the MKIII which might limit my video shooting.

Knowing what you know know, what would you pick, can be really brief and I can do some research based on your model numbers, or feel free to spill your expertise and I'll take your word for it and follow your lead.

Title: Re: Quick Answer
Post by: Kharak on November 21, 2021, 02:24:07 PM
Best is still 5d3

2nd i’d say 5d2

Then the 7D, Eos M, 70D they are quite equal in power. But eosm has way more deveopment and sd hack etc..

But I’d just get the best of the best, a 5d3.

Feel like I left out a model.
Title: Re: Quick Answer
Post by: theBilalFakhouri on November 21, 2021, 06:42:25 PM
Best: 5D3, then 6D (I would say 6D rather than 5D2 because it has lossless compression and faster sensor)

DSLR: 650D/700D
Mirrorless: EOS M

EOS M/650D/700D have the latest developments, share a lot of/same RAW modes, and they are mostly equal.

Currently these models have the best capabilities for shooting RAW video with ML.

5D3 has native 1920x1080 resolution in none-crop mode, it's the only camera which doesn't skip pixels ( in 1080p mode (have both vertical and horizontal pixel Binning), 5D3 can shoot in higher resolutions with longer recording times compared to other models, thanks to UDMA 7 CF card slot and SD card slot.

Other models have slightly lower native resolution in none-crop mode (1080p mode) which are 1736x976 on EOSM/650D/700D and 1824x1026 on 6D. also other models suffer from aliasing and moire in 1080p mode because of line skipping (, and have lower high resolutions and recording times compared to 5D3.

There are 1x3 (Anamorphic) modes ( available in 5D3, 6D, also in EOSM/650D/700D and other cameras, in 1x3 modes the sensor reads all vertical pixels, there is no line skipping happening which reduces aliasing and moire a lot, you probably want to read more about 1x3 modes in the forum.