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Title: Seaside Heights Beach - Canon 650D/T4i
Post by: NykkyC on July 29, 2021, 01:59:50 AM

Shot this at Seaside Heights Beach in NJ on the 25th of July. I'm not a colorist (also have deutan color blindness) so I'm not sure how it looks to you guys. Let me know what you think! I will definitely try to get a shoulder rig or some sort of stabilizer as well as an ND filter adapter for my 18-55mm lens. The settings I used are in the description. I'd appreciate any tips!

I exported the MLV files as ProRes 444, Upscaled from 1440x1836 4.3k anamorphic to 2560x1089, Alexa Log-C, and Alexa Wide Gamut RGB
Edited in Davinci Resolve. If you have any recommendations on how to export the files, that would be great too!