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Title: "Force HDMI-VGA" issue on DIGIC 5 and more
Post by: theBilalFakhouri on June 06, 2021, 08:56:14 PM
I was trying to get Force HDMI-VGA to work on 700D, it didn't work, I had a black screen for a few seconds after activating it then it's get back to 1080i output and it does this again and again...

Affected cameras: 700D, 650D  ( . others?

I tried to debug the problem today, I found "Force HDMI-VGA" isn't working only when the camera in LiveView, I modified the code so I code enable "Force HDMI-VGA" in none still photo mode and play mode, after doing that "Force HDMI-VGA" has worked finally, now I had 720x480 output instead of 1080i output, switching the camera to LiveView would change the output back to 1080i, and the camera will try to get into 720x480 again and again, 1080i output then black screen then 1080i output then black screen in loop

Something is happening in LiveView which prevents the camera to switch to 720x480 with "Force HDMI-VGA" option, does 5D3 have this issue?

I have 1080p monitor and when attaching my 700D to the monitor using HDMI, the camera won't accept outputting in 1080i, it outputs to 720x480p, I do think my monitor doesn't support outputting Interlaced signal properly (some scanning lines pattern would happen) but it can show the Interlaced image at least . .

By reading "Force HDMI-VGA" code, I found an option to force outputting Full-HD signal (1080i), tried it on my 1080p monitor, the output switched from 720x480p to 1080i, nice! but again this only worked in none-LiveView mode, since I know how to switch the Interlaced signal in 1080i to Progressive (, I got rid of scanning lines pattern, so Forcing VGA to 1080i, then switching the signal to Progressive might be very useful for some users.

Edit (18-6-2021): I was able to fix the problem when forcing 1080i HDMI output in LiveView for 700D (mostly other DIGIC 5 cameras), you can try this option here (, unfortunately this fix doesn't make "Force HDMI-VGA" work on 700D.

To this point, I didn't know why "Force HDMI-VGA" doesn't work in LiveView.

For users, could u try "Force HDMI-VGA" in 650D / EOS M / 70D / 5D3 / 6D / 100D in LiveView , does it work?
-make sure you are in 1080i output first
Title: Re: "Force HDMI-VGA" issue on DIGIC 5 and more
Post by: PaulHarwood856 on June 15, 2021, 09:58:35 PM
Hello theBilalFakhouri,

     I'm using the April 1st, 2021 build from Danne for the Canon 5D Mark III found here:

     I'm using Firmware Version 1.2.3.

     I've tested Force HDMI-VGA and it works fine. It's useful for shooting higher frame rates where I just want to get accurate framing. I have 2 monitors that also have a force HDMI-VGA option on them.

     I would suggest trying different hdmi cables, different builds, and different monitors. Try the HDMI-VGA option on a monitor if you can.

     Different hdmi cables have helped me in the past. Some work better than others, especially when you watch the footage to see if there is tearing or dropped frames.

     I hope this helps...

- Paul
Title: Re: "Force HDMI-VGA" issue on DIGIC 5 and more
Post by: theBilalFakhouri on June 15, 2021, 10:39:38 PM
Thanks for the feedback! it was helpful to hear it's working fine on 5D3

I have already tested many builds from different branches with two different cables, and on many monitors without a luck, also I chatted with 700D user had the same thing . .

I think the problem related to how the patch being applied on 700D, maybe we need to change something . .

Best wishes,
Title: Re: "Force HDMI-VGA" issue on DIGIC 5 and more
Post by: PaulHarwood856 on June 17, 2021, 07:39:41 AM
You're welcome! Ok I understand. I hope this feature works for you soon. Cheers!

- Paul