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Title: Err 70
Post by: garry23 on February 07, 2021, 05:20:29 PM
I posting this as I don't usually see Err 70 messages, but this occurred three times in a row, ie after pulling battery etc.

5D3 using latest Lua build.

Not sure if it's me causing it (eg one of my scripts) or core ML:

Code: [Select]
at ./Memory/Memory.c:187, MetaCtg:9a90
lv:0 mode:3

MetaCtg stack: 18ef30 [18f500-18e500]
0xUNKNOWN  @ de48:18f4f8
0xUNKNOWN  @ 17bbc:18f4d0
0x000178B4 @ ff2b9dec:18f4b0
0xUNKNOWN  @ 178e4:18f4a0
0xUNKNOWN  @ 1796c:18f480
0xFF433360 @ ff4344f4:18f3e0
0xFF432128 @ ff4339a8:18f2d0
0xFF438ED0 @ ff4321c8:18f280
0xFF438A04 @ ff43936c:18f168
0xFF58F5B0 @ ff438a94:18f040
0xFF428918 @ ff58f5d4:18f018
0xFF428434 @ ff428a90:18efd8
0xFF58A5CC @ ff4286cc:18efa0
0x000099A0 @ 17fa8:18ef90
0x00001900 @ 9a8cMagic Lantern version : lua_fix.2020Dec28.5D3123
Mercurial changeset   : 7e5067c0a8cf (lua_fix) tip
Built on 2020-12-28 18:19:30 UTC by jenkins@nightly.
Free Memory  : 241K + 2935K
Title: Re: Err 70
Post by: Danne on February 07, 2021, 05:22:13 PM
What triggered it?
Title: Re: Err 70
Post by: garry23 on February 07, 2021, 05:33:06 PM
Just switching the camera on.

Tried several times.

Pulled the battery and retried: same.

Pulled battery and card with ML on, then restarted: ok.

Reinserted ML card seems ok now.

As I say, I don’t think I’ve ever had an error 70 message.

Fingers crossed all is ok now.
Title: Re: Err 70
Post by: a1ex on February 07, 2021, 05:45:42 PM
Apparently Canon code ended up without sufficient RAM to index the files on the card. I've got it a few times in the past, but couldn't reproduce it easily.

One may need to debug this in QEMU, on a full copy of the memory card.

Workaround: download the photos and format the card.
Title: Re: Err 70
Post by: garry23 on February 07, 2021, 05:47:56 PM

Reformatted  :)

Fingers crossed.