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Title: Intervalometer problem while using bulb ramping
Post by: Majet on May 18, 2019, 02:36:10 PM
I know that bulb ramping is history and probably a better way to achieve good results in a TL is by using the ETTR but I like my 2.3 version of ML and I would like to understand what’s wrong with what I am doing first.
To make it short... I need to shoot a timelapse from night to day and I never used the bulb ramping feature before. I gave it a try with the follow options: canon 5dmkII on M mode; interval of 15”; auto exposure ramp Sunrise; max ramp speed 0.1 EV; Man. ExpoRamp +0.1 EV.
I let the camera make the calibration and then I choose a picture that I previously took telling ML to meter for highlights just about on the right of midtones (13% luma at 70th percentile... not sure what it means) and I press SET (ML states OK).
The TL starts and at the beginning everything seems ok. As soon as light increases the problem starts.
ML is not taking anymore a pic every 15” but 2 photos in rapid sequence, one very bright and one very dark, and it keeps alternating these photos like till I stop the timelapse. Obviously I had to trash those TL experiments for this huge amount of flicker made by the series of the two alternated photos.
Is that an expected  behavior?
I also would like to understand how “Manual ExpoRamp” works. May I use the wheel to change the shutter while the timelapse is running?
I always prefer to have a manual control on behaviors and not just let automatic things to take control.
Thank you very much for any support on this  and I apologize if it was explained somewhere but I could not find it after some search.
Title: Re: Intervalometer problem while using bulb ramping
Post by: Majet on May 21, 2019, 03:31:39 PM
PLEASE I really need your help!

Someone knows how to properly use the bulb ramping feature inside v. 2.3 of ML?