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Title: T3i not shutting down properly?
Post by: Spoonless on April 27, 2017, 01:16:15 AM
I purchased a Canon t3i about 2 years ago. it was a certified refurb new (found the receipt). I used it for about 6 months with no problem before installing Magic Lantern. Late last fall, I picked it up after not shooting for a few months and noticed it was acting weird: not turning back on after I turned it off, asking for me to set the date every time I did get it to turn on, I then remembered about ML and snatched a nightly build and used it to uninstall ML from the camera. I also flashed the Canon 1.0.2 firmware to the camera again as well. Everything works normally now, boots every time, It seems to shutdown fine. But if I leave a fully charged battery in the camera for more than a few hours I would return to a completely drained battery. The battery doesn't drain after 3 or 4 hours, but if left in the camera overnight, it will be drained within 24hours, even if the camera is left off the entire time. When this happens it will also forget the date and time, but if I change batteries while there still is a charge it doesn't forget the date. I have tried this with a variety of batteries (I have 7, including an official canon battery). All the batteries will hold a charge for a very long time (weeks or months) outside the camera, but one night in the camera completely drains them.

I'm trying to narrow down the problem, here's what I've done/suspect/suspect I might've done:

- I didn't touch my camera for a few months at one point, and misplaced/lost/accidentally formatted the card that had ML on it. I also intially forgot I had installed ML, and as a result I went out shooting without the files on the card more than once

- I'm fairly certain at some point I also didn't wait the 5 seconds before ejecting the SD card (just because I forgot I had installed ML)

- To try to fix this I have: reinstalled magic lantern, uninstalled magic lantern, re-flashed the canon firmware, and reinstalled the latest nightly of magic lantern (in that order)

I have read that the power switch is just a software button, and there are "shutdown" processes that run when that switch is turned off. From everything I've gathered, it sounds like there must be a process that's hanging up or getting stuck when the camera turns off.

I noticed debug features in the ML menus the other day, and I'm wondering if I can look a log somewhere to get a clue as to what is running amuck at shutdown?

Also, I missed the part about backing up the ROM back when I installed ML too. So I don't have that either. I'm wondering if a proper fix would be to completely remove ML again and have the ROM reflashed. I'm in the Detroit area, can anybody recommend a camera shop in the area that's easy to work with.

I'm an electrical engineer with a technical background. I'm not a straight novice when it comes to stuff like this, but I'm also not a computer engineer and I'm not well versed on the inner working of a canon DSLR. I very well may have some misunderstandings or misconceptions but please don't write me off as some n00b. I'm not afraid of getting into the nitty gritty technobabble.

Edit - added some more details to the first paragraph