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Title: Supermoon Lunar eclipse timelaps! What settings and preperation?
Post by: Tullen on September 26, 2015, 01:54:57 PM
Hi everyone.

I haven't played around with the time laps functions of ML yet but I thought tomorrow nights (27/28 of September 2015, would be a good push to get started. I will read up a lot, but since its short on time I also thought I would ask if you have any specific recommendations for a lunar eclipse.

I am looking for recommendations for settings, but also step by step guides to use to get started. Maybe a dedicated website you know about?

I also wonder what your experiences is with battery life and so on. The moon will rise 19:10 local time, the eclipse will start 02:11, become total at 04:11, reach its maximum at 04:47, end total at 05:23 and end at 06:27. How would you manage this battery wise? I have a battery grip and can of course change batteries during if that works and is necessary. I have plenty of batteries to change with. How would you manage this setting wise? How long interval and so forth.

Any thoughts on how to successfully capture the whole event, or at least from 02:11 to 06:27 would be appreciated.