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Title: Hello from Finland
Post by: sooda on April 02, 2015, 07:44:32 PM
Hi all,

I registered here about a year ago but have been only reading occasionally for now. We Finns are not that talkative usually. Since a kid, I've loved to take things apart just to see how they work, and sometimes to modify them to work better. I love nature, puzzles, numbers, bit twiddling and hardware, so naturally low-level hacking and reverse engineering are relevant to my interests. I've done several reverse engineering projects just for fun and taken part in some CTF contests, and C is my other native language. I'm not afraid to swim deep into assembly code either.

I registered initially to better look at ML's internals for my master's thesis project, which was about implementing a 3D scanning rig. ML was one of the reasons to choose Canon DSLRs for that, even though I didn't end up using too many features (yet), but just the possibility to write own stuff is awesome; I'm all for open source. (Writing the thesis isn't quite finished yet, so I have tried to stay away from ML to keep distractions minimal, as I have also a real job already.)

I've had a 700D for about a year now, shutter count is at ~14K, and I still can't take nice pictures; I only understand numbers and technology, not art. I'm a programmer for life and I patch the Linux kernel for embedded devices for living, in a company that makes GPUs and stuff. I hope to be useful for ML development too. TBH, ML source code isn't nearly as clean as my daily dose of Linux is (well, Linus is a bigger nazi asshole than you all combined ;)), but I wish that the main ML devs won't turn down all my wild ideas to make it more comfortable. I'm excited to start hacking on new features, general improvements and reverse-engineering, though I do have other projects in my drawers too. The Linux thread ( was the last straw; I really want to play with that too and to help to see if you can only ping localhost, or even run Gimp. Even though I hack Linux source daily, I'm no expert in porting Linux on a new platform, but I've been part in doing that before.
Title: Re: Hello from Finland
Post by: tamaramalena on April 30, 2015, 01:33:32 PM
When you say that you Finns are not very talkative I imagine Raikkonen from F1 :D

You guys rock :)