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Title: Datasheet sharing folder
Post by: g3gg0 on October 04, 2014, 12:38:43 AM
If you want to help us organize the datasheets and service manuals related to canon cameras, there is a simple way to do so.

install BitTorrent Sync ( and add these folders:

  Datasheets: BN5KE7A7OFOJ7LKOJQAUCFS3P5RWD5W5R (read only access)
  Contributions: ABBF35JA4KTEB7MOE6NSQEPIN2OVLPSKB (read/write access)

our Datasheet directory contains all public accessible datasheets for devices located on canon cameras,
or datasheets that are related for our reverse engineering work.

if you find a datasheet that might be interesting for us (PDF preferred) then just copy it into the Contributions folder.
BitTorrent Sync will synchronize the folder with us, no need to upload somewhere and share the D/L link etc.
you can place anything there that will help us doing our reverse engineering work.

of course, if it violates anyone's rights, we will remove it from that public folder, storing it in a safe place :)
Title: Re: Datasheet sharing folder
Post by: Greg on December 25, 2014, 09:18:10 PM
Maybe should be there ROM1 files of all cameras?
Title: Re: Datasheet sharing folder
Post by: g3gg0 on January 01, 2015, 03:29:04 PM
well, i have a collection with many of them, including a lot of IDA disassemblies.

its just that i am not sure if it is legal to "host" such a collection of files. (in some countries it may, in others definitely not)
it could be reason to start a lawsuit because of sharing copyrighted material.
for that reason there is no "public" repository with all the files.

if someone needs access to some firmware files, just tell...