Author Topic: Canon 6D 10bit 60fps RAW Video - Colour and Aliasing Issues  (Read 613 times)


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Canon 6D 10bit 60fps RAW Video - Colour and Aliasing Issues
« on: October 06, 2017, 07:13:21 PM »
I have issues with my 6D recording 10 bit 60fps RAW Video.
Since 10 bit raw was released recently I wanted to see if I could get some nice slow motion footage, now that I am able to record for more than just a few seconds. I ran into two problems:

1. Extreme Aliasing: I have only shot 24fps RAW on a 70D before, which had pretty crippling aliasing already. The 6D tops it though - I don't know whether that is a known issue of the 6D or if it is due to the stretching I have to apply in post when working with Slow Motion footage. Anyways - any suggestions on how to decrease aliasing (in camera or in post)?

2. Weird Colour Artifacts: In Landscape shots, where a lot of the scene is in focus, I get weird colour lines of purple/blue and orange colour in my image. They seem to be only present in the area where the focus sits. Is that a known issue, if so: What can I do about it?

Here is a video showcasing the problems, pay attention to the structure of the rock, where the focus sits:

I am using the 10 bit/12 bit nightly build fro Aug21 2017.

Post processing was as follows: Convert MLV to DNG via raw2cdng 1.7.9 - import into Davinci Resolve 14. No colour correction was added, the clip was slowed down to 24fps in post. Resolve is not the issue - I have rendered it with After Effects too, same problems.