Author Topic: CHDK cpuinfo (portable code, also digic 6)  (Read 7655 times)


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Re: CHDK cpuinfo (portable code, also digic 6)
« Reply #25 on: May 30, 2017, 06:47:24 PM »
hey ALEX,on the 80d i got the same information  as atonal got on the 7d2.only difference was the first line which read -
CHDK CPU info for 0x350 80d
ID              0x411FC143.If you need picture proof just tell me.

80D Fw1.02 I have similar data but a few lines more on page1, and page 4

Extra on page 1
Multiprocessor ID  0x00000000
  (raw value)           0x0 0

Extra on page 4
SCTRL        0x08E5187D
  (raw value)           0x08E5187D 149231741
ACTRL        0x00000030
  (raw value)           0x20 32
ACTRL2        0x00000000
  (raw value)           0x0 0
CPACR        0x00000000
  (raw value)           0x0 0

Page 1

Page 4

300D,40D,80D, 18-55IS EFS, Tokina17-55/F2.8, ,70-200LIS/F4, 50EF/F1.8, extender 1.4, extender 2III, EX-430II,Sigma 8-16