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@PressureFM  thanks , the more the merrier .
Currently the issue is the customs Raw LV buffer , I've been trying to spy the memory to find the LV raw buffer
and looking thought my 5d2 decompiled rom dump for addresses , a1ex gave me some clues at the links

I found the registers needed to modify frame size with adtg_gui but the problem is the LV buffer
I did have some success with my  RAW_LV_BUFFER_ALLOC_SIZE (2040*1267) as per post #27
The reason I used that was it was the largest buffer on the edmac & it didn't change when switch to Photo Liveveiw see post #49
Edmac#5 buffer size is what I used , now I think there's I little dilemma here , when I updated to "new-lv-buffer-detections" branch and complied
I ended up with the older core "Magic Lantern v2.3.NEXT" , reason I mention this edmac#5 is Green (active) where in the nightly builds compiles
on newer code edmac Channel #5 is Yellow , which I think is a error  or all this could mean nothing , just thought I would mention it .
So Yea LV raw buffer needs to be solved & I thing that will also help to get 10 & 12bit problem in 1:1 solved also

Link to my bitbucket downloads for those memspy builds I talked about .
You may just want to compile your own copy of adtg_gui from the ISO-research branch or you can download a copy from my bitbucket download.
So any suggestion are very welcome  :D

Forgive me for my ignorance but what do I do with the downloads to us this build?
Can someone write tutorial about how to rec on these modes? Why do I get this instead of DNG? What mlv_dump for?

Also I don't get how card spanning is working (it seems it doesn't) for when I enable this mode then at 3200x1200 it record 4 seconds (I checked it with various superfast CF-cards), but with only one CF card it also rec 4 seconds only!
I've not followed the developments with compressed MLV but it really interests me a lot since 3TB drives piles up pretty fast. I'll take whatever comes next!
Hello A1lex,

Do we have to do something when the Memory patches is turned red, red on Code:FF28CC3C?
It seems to have appear after my first test with the Apr23.5D3113 build when testing 1920x960 50p, I had the screen filled with error alerts, then this...


HDR and Dual ISO Postprocessing / Re: cr2hdr for macOS Sierra
« Last post by Danne on Yesterday at 10:43:29 PM »
New version which supports compressed raw as well as regular 10/12/14bit raw files.
Download link

I "monkeywrenched" Bouncyball´s lj92 implemetation to work with It won´t get me any prices but it seems to fly.
Code here:

Andrew Baldwin(MlRawViewer) worked out lj92 code

Code has been around and worked upon and now Bouncyball reworked the code so that it works with MLVFS and mlv_dump for steroids. Major leap here. Big thanks to Bouncyball. I somehow managed to get the code working with 14bit ml-dng(dmilligan) branch in
The pros are obvious. Hopefully working with a1ex and g3gg0 stellar vertical stripes code and chroma smoothing, cold pixel fix etc. If testing please report your experience both good and bad on Bouncyball´s thread or here. Check if vertical stripes code is working and so on.
Bouncyball "updated MLVFS" thread

Do not miss out on downloading Bouncyball version of dmilligan´s state of the art MLVFS fully working with compressed raw.

Darkframe averaging seems not to be working with compressed raw yet.
The preset is named "4K 1:1 half-FPS". See also the first post.
Thank you A1ex! Canon menu 50fps.
HDR and Dual ISO Postprocessing / Re: cr2hdr for macOS Sierra
« Last post by Danne on Yesterday at 09:50:03 PM »
Yes, I'm using information based on what happens when regular mlv_dump fail. Usually it stops after one file outputting something like "processed one frame" but this might not be the case always.
As it turns out Bouncyball just released recoded versions of mlv_dump and mlvfs I will put up a version which hopefully fixes the issues with having two versions.
Check out the latest from mr B here.
BTW could not set 4096x1440 @ 25p (1:1 crop) mode. How?

The preset is named "4K 1:1 half-FPS". See also the first post.
HDR and Dual ISO Postprocessing / Re: cr2hdr for macOS Sierra
« Last post by Oedipax on Yesterday at 09:39:50 PM »
Great job on the latest build!

Just wanted to add, I noticed inside cr2hdr there was embedded both mlv_dump and mlv_dump4k. I was processing all 3K lossless stuff, and some MLVs processed okay, others gave a single corrupted frame and moved on to next MLV.

I figured for some reason maybe cr2hdr had used the non-experimental build for these, giving the corrupted result. So I replaced mlv_dump with mlv_dump4k (so both files are the same experimental build), ran cr2hdr again, and everything processed without a hitch.

So maybe the technique to determine whether to use mlv_dump or mlv_dump4k is not perfect yet. But as I am only shooting 3k/4k stuff, this workaround is fine for me.
thanks, now is ok.
for a recording 1920x960 50p  continued , can be set 14bit loss ore better 12 ?
I'v read 1920 50p can be continued...but to me stoped later few seconds.
CF cbay 128  x 1066

What is better 12bit or 14bit lossless depends on an image content. It is a pity that 12bit (10-8) lossless is not available for this mode.  For 1920x960 @ 50p (both 1:1 crop and full-frame - 3x3 pixel binning) recording length depends on an image content. Sometimes 40 sec, sometimes 10. But for 40 fps (FPS override, Exact fps) I got continues rec. SanDisk, Extrime pro 160MB/s, 256GB.
BTW could not set 4096x1440 @ 25p (1:1 crop) mode. How?
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