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If it could be useful, I'll spend some time to enhance it :)

That would be wonderful!

General Help Q&A / Re: Help finding a working raw workflow
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:19:03 PM »
I've made it easier to download MLV App :D
(it updates automatically)

Great stuff @Ilia3101!!!

Thanks for the link. It helps a lot to know where the eggs are coming.

HaHa love your sarcasms!

Next, is a summary of my journey in case you are curious.. 

..Interestingly, every time I import a frame (2.67 aspect ratio) to After effects, it thinks that it is 16:9. So I have to treat my footage like anamorphic footage and squeeze the frame back to 2.67.

Thanks for all your help. Now I have to deal with the difficult part which is making a movie, first day of shooting Saturday November 25.

Great comeback story there you got. Best of luck on your projects @Edgar Matos!

Modules Development / Re:
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:05:17 PM »
Cool, keep it up!


This is all really intriguing and an interesting project of yours. Definitely following this one @pparent!

Ideally this feature would be somewhat extremely useful for gimbal work.  8)

General Help Q&A / Re: Why is my image a brown tint? MAGIC LANTERN
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:00:57 PM »
Wonderful short you got there (watched it twice and loved the DR during the beach scenes at the end) however it would be really helpful if you were able to share a very short MLV sample if you can per @dfort's suggestion up above.

General Development Discussion / Re: Compiling Magic Lantern on a Macintosh
« on: November 17, 2017, 07:42:16 PM »
Ran the latest scripted installation from OP while on 10.13 w this MBP that already had previous compiling environments.

Love it that it can also install QEMU as an option towards the end.  8)

Seems all good to me even w the PIP update command that I ran (hence the in video above) afterwards w ease.

Thanks @dfort for the quick fix after @henrus's report. Good catch on that!

General Development Discussion / Re: Full-screen histogram WIP
« on: November 10, 2017, 06:05:09 PM »
...Could you at least add a little spacing (few pixels) left and right of the graphics to avoid having vertical lines being placed right at the edge of the LCD?


I have nothing valuable to add I just wanted you to know I get so excited when there's a new reply in this thread.

+1  :)

General Development Discussion / Re: Full-screen histogram WIP
« on: October 31, 2017, 05:47:48 PM »
That last example looks schmick.

+1 and very well said!

General Help Q&A / Re: Multicamera shot, the risks for the production?
« on: October 31, 2017, 08:13:50 AM »
Have shot 20+ minutes straight in 30p on a single take in Lossless 12-bit during weddings and haven't seen  any issues on these 5D3's. I use few 256 GB 1066x & several 128 GB 1066x CF cards from KomputerBay. Can't go wrong with using Otus primes and ML RAW together. You're better off spending $ elsewhere towards production cost.

@DeafEyeJedi: I’m seeng the striped output on dusl-iso 14bit raw, nothing stranger than expected. Which OS are you on? Could it be that what you see depends on the zoom/scale/size of the window? AFAIK, Danne is working on essentially the same version. The branches haven’t divergered much yet

That's quite strange. This was done on a Mac Mini running OS X 10.12.6 and here's how it actually looks when comparing one another.

Great work on updating MLRV to 1.5 since it has been long overdue, quite frankly. Thanks @hwdbk for your contributions!

Just in case anyone hasn't notice yet already but if I use the one that's shared by @hwdbk's bitbucket site (build 10/23) then upon previewing Lossless 14-bit Dual-ISO files I get all kinds of garbled rainbow effect (funky type of false color alike) however when I use the version that's shared by @Danne's bitbucket (build 10/20) it shows the Dual-ISO stripes like normal upon previewing.

Can anyone else confirm this to be reproducible on your end?

First attempt with Lightroom Classic CC (v7), everything works as expected :)

Great to hear and cheers to that!

More like a great save by @Danne!

Kudos out to @a1ex & @g3gg0!

Camera-specific discussion / Canon 100D / SL1
« on: October 14, 2017, 07:30:02 AM »
...Maybe my SD card is a problem? I use MICRO SD (Sandisk Extreme U1 64GB) with SD Adapter. It is working fine in not-hacked mode and in other not hacked camera.

Most likely the culprit. Please avoiding using MicroSD's in SD Adapters whenever possible and try again with a decent SD card if you can especially while using ML.

Indeed it is inspiring. Here's how it looks running Switch.xcodeproj via Xcode for those who are curious.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 650D / T4i
« on: October 12, 2017, 01:45:51 AM »
As far as processing these files, it looks like MLV.App isn't quite there yet--hey, we just got this working less than a day ago. Since you're on a Mac I'd recommend using Danne's Switch app. He is making updates to his app as fast as new features are being added to this camera.

I wholeheartedly agreed.

Finally, we need sample MLV files from the 650D to make sure we're handling the focus pixels properly.


What a great start already. Loving how the foundation layout looks from Xcode!  8)

Will need to read up some more on the tutorial. Thanks for jump starting on this @Lars Steenhoff!

@DeafEyeJedi Do you have Xcode installed?

Yes, I do.

Thanks. Been through those links but never had the time to dig in. If you have some knowledge in this field I'd be happy to assist you explaining what's going on in Switch. Could start porting mlv_dump for instance.

I'd be happy to help contribute this project in getting @Danne's scripting work into a GUI wrapper.

I'm with you on this one @Lars Steenhoff!

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 100D / SL1
« on: October 11, 2017, 09:38:12 PM »
First clip was shot in 23.976p and second in 24p within FPS override -- could that be the reason why?

However, in the second clip (24p) I do notice the famous jump cut (turns out it's usually at dng #265) but will need to do more tests to be sure if it's reproductive on the same certain numbered dng file.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 100D / SL1
« on: October 11, 2017, 08:31:07 PM »
100D_crop_rec_4k.2017Oct10.100D101_Test run through.

Video Samples (ProRes Proxy in Rec.709 via Switch -- Thanks Danne!):

RAW (mlv_lite) FPS override 23.976p while in 5x zoom, 1920x1080p 12bit lossless @ 15mm 2.8

RAW (mlv_lite) FPS override 24p while in 5x zoom, 1920x1080p 12bit lossless @ 15mm 2.8

Modules Development / Re: How to install and load modules
« on: October 11, 2017, 05:39:15 PM »
Thanks for the fix @Audionut!

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 100D / SL1
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:30:40 PM »
Ah, yeah I sure missed that one. Thanks, Danne!

However, in case anyone hasn't noticed yet but when viewing MLV's directly (in this case MLV App) it seems 14-bit lossless looks a tad brighter (not much but noticeable) than 12-bit or 9-11 bit lossless?

Watch the vimeo link above and you will see that M10-1017 (14-bit lossless) is brighter than both M10-1015 & M10-1016 (9-11 bit/ 12-bit lossless) or is it just me?

All were shot under the same settings from 100D.

           I see "9-11 bit settings" mentioned often lately, where are these "9-11 bit settings" found?

If you go under ML Video and prompt inside and where you will normally see options for 14-bit lossless or 12-bit lossless (9-11 bit is sitting underneath these options below) within the enlist.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 100D / SL1
« on: October 10, 2017, 08:56:30 PM »
I checked focus pixel behaviour in certain modes on my 100D and had a wtf moment. Needs to be verified. First I checked 3x zoom mode since I´ve seen reports on focus pixel free output in this mode. I then checked regular mv1080p mode. This is my conclusion.
Lossless 12 and 9-11 bit settings are free from focus pixels
14bit, both lossless and regular 14bit are filled with focus pixels
10 and 12 bit (non lossless) are also filled with focus pixels

Only the 14bit lossless file should contain focus pixels.

Tested and confirmed.

100D Lossless Samples:

9-11-bit (8.8 MB) -

12-bit (9.5 MB) -

14-bit (12.6 MB) -

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