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MLV App™ :P

A RAW converter for MLV files with ProRes export.

  • Free and Open Source!
  • Fast (The main goal)
  • Support for Lossless compressed MLV
  • Support for 10/12 bit
  • Batch export
  • ProRes (and other formats) export

Downloads... (Pick one)

This version is currently more for testing/development as it is not very fully featured, but quick to compile.

If you are on macOS and wanting to test the newest changes, you can do it easily with Cocoa version:
Code: [Select]
git clone
cd MLV-App/platform/cocoa
make app
You most likely won't need to install anything, but if nothing works you'll have to get Apple command line tools: xcode-select --install

If you have gcc-7 installed (I found it's almost 5% faster than clang), you may also compile like this:
Code: [Select]
make app CC=gcc-7

Guide for compiling Qt version in German by escho (thx :) )

Source code on GitHub

I began doing this this due to general frustration with Adobe, having to convert to DNG, and not being able to run MLVProducer(or any all in one solution) on my Mac. I began doing it, then Footage came along (btw good work martin), which was really exciting, but that never fixed the black level issue on elcapitan, so I continued.

I've had a lot of help with figuring stuff out on here:
Thanks g3gg0 and a1ex and Danne.
And thanks to everyone who is developing: masc, bouncyball... all who wrote GPL code used in the app

General Help Q&A / Reading 14 bit RAW
« on: March 24, 2017, 09:27:09 PM »
I am an absolute code noob AND right now I'm trying to decode 14 bit RAW video in C. I have looked at stack overflow, and seems like I'd need to read 7 bytes/56 bits to get 4 x 14 bit numbers, and thats what I'm doing, but its not working and I can't see why not, isn't a Magic Lantern RAW frame a tightly packed sequence of 14 bits? or is there some kind of gaps?
I'm taking 7 bytes, and shifting them like this:
Code: [Select]
for (uint32_t RAWbyte = 0; RAWbyte < RAWFrameSize; RAWbyte += 7)
    image16bit[(RAWbyte/7) * 4]     = ( (RAWFrame[RAWbyte] << 6) | (RAWFrame[RAWbyte + 1] >> 2) );
    image16bit[(RAWbyte/7) * 4 + 1] = ( (RAWFrame[RAWbyte + 1] << 12) | (RAWFrame[RAWbyte + 2] << 4) | (RAWFrame[RAWbyte + 3] >> 4) );
    image16bit[(RAWbyte/7) * 4 + 2] = ( (RAWFrame[RAWbyte + 3] << 10) | (RAWFrame[RAWbyte + 4] << 2) | (RAWFrame[RAWbyte + 5] >> 6) );
    image16bit[(RAWbyte/7) * 4 + 3] = ( (RAWFrame[RAWbyte + 5] << 8) | RAWFrame[RAWbyte + 6] );
easier to read:
Code: [Select]
pixel0 = ( (byte0 << 6) | (byte1 >> 2) );
pixel1 = ( (byte1 << 12) | (byte2 << 4) | (byte3 >> 4) );
pixel2 = ( (byte3 << 10) | (byte4 << 2) | (byte5 >> 6) );
pixel3 = ( (byte5 << 8) | byte6 );
Is there an error in the bit math or is the RAW format more complex?
Here is the output btw:

Close up:

I tried looking at mlv_dump source but its way too confusing for me.
Thanks to anyone willing to explain :)

Finally uploaded some footage from the Lewes(UK) Bonfire that was on the 5th of November, originally I was intending to do a fun complex edit, but there wasn't enough different footage to make a particularly amazing movie, so it's more of a timeline dump, but I just had to share these videotapes because I think they look reaaaalllyy good and show how unique Magic Lantern RAW still is 8)
Recorded in full sensor 1856x1250 resolution, and 1600x1076 resolution in crop mode. Lenses were Helios-44(58mm ƒ2.0), Jupiter-9(85mm ƒ2.0), Mir-1(37mm ƒ2.8) and Cosina 19-35mm ƒ3.5-4.5

Raw Video / Yet Another RAW Video Calculator
« on: November 28, 2016, 03:53:19 AM »
(Couldn't figure out how to upload it to github so generic service shall do)

I have been working on this calculator in my spare time over the last week to replace typing massive formulas in to my phone's calculator app and to practice JavaScript, I learned a lot about HTML and CSS too. I realised there already are calculators here, so I have tried to make it as useful as possible, combining everything I know about RAW video.

Will calculate:
  • Bitrate
  • Record time
  • Record time per card
  • Crop factor
  • Equivalent focal length
  • Field of view

Can be customised:
  • Resolution
  • Aspect ratio
  • Frame rate
  • Camera modes: crop mode, mv720
  • Bit depth
  • Lens
  • Card size
  • Camera specs(sensor, writespeed, etc...)

Some camera details might be wrong as I could not find all information, so tell me what I got wrong and improvements that should be made. I hope you find it useful ;)

Update #1
Suggestions have been implemented, bit depth is now selectable in a drop down menu, and so is framerate. I have also added tool tips(not that the geniuses here need them).
There is also a mobile version with fewer features:

Update #2
I've missed hundreds of updates, but now compression ratio can be entered. Don't enter compression ratio over 7.9 or it will think its bit depth :D, luckily compression doesn't increase size.

Share Your Videos / A France Videotape - 5D2
« on: August 26, 2016, 03:05:05 AM »
Who else loves the word videotape? I’m obsessed with it

I haven’t done much video related things for over a year, but now that I got a 5D Mark II this year I really want to get back in to it. This is the first “proper” thing I’ve made for ages.
Shot in RAW of course

Lenses: Helios 44, Mir 1, Jupiter 9, Takumar 135mm and Cosina 19-35

Or on Youtube:


Share Your Videos / First time using Magic Lantern RAW
« on: March 25, 2016, 10:18:04 PM »
I recently upgraded from my 5D classic to a mark ii so that I could do video, and I have been finding Magic Lantern really good. This is the first film I have made with it, not the best example of using raw video and I still have lots to learn. Here it is:
Thank you Magic Lantern developers.

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